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You're referring to Rudals...but I think he's been cured of that.
Try living in Vancouver BC. At least you get Steed and NSM.Then again, a very small percentage of men dress in more than jeans/cargos and fleece.
Is this enough, or do they have to be side by side?
I think your 'picnic' attacks are the reason many of your suits no longer fit you.
Pew! pew! pew!
Question for you - is it a specific requirement in your company that you wear suits? Is it possible that is meant to mean jacket and tie, or does it specifically refer to trousers and jacket in the same fabric/pattern?Have you ever seen anyone in your office wear an odd jacket and trousers?Or, is it just that you don't like that combination?
Here's a few from me. I really must think about investing in a new camera if I'm going to do this more often. Hat is a recent acquisition from Hawaii when we visited there in March - Truffaux Shirt is Luxire Trousers J. Crew
I have a relationship with Dunn's Tailors and take my non-Dunn's stuff there as well.I had sleeves shortened on 2 non-Dunn's sport coats recently and they charged $45 plus tax for each, so it seems pretty normal to me.
Thanks, S!I figured it was time to start doing a bit since I've been building up my wardrobe of late.
Here's my humble entry: Jacket: Howard Yount (cotton) Shirt: Luxire (cotton) Trousers: Luxire (linen) Tie: Hober grenadine PS: Kent Wang Not pictured: Shoes: C&J Lowndes
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