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You think that particular windowpane would be better as a suit, or do you have an issue with odd jackets made of any windowpane fabric?
I wash all my Luxire shirts in warm and tumble dry with no noticeable shrinkage. Note: My shirt measurements do not result in a skin-tight fit to begin with, so there is some wiggle room.
So, in essence, the rules are relaxed if none of your clients are involved.Perhaps you should just wear a pair of your suit trousers without the jacket. Or, you could wear odd trousers and an odd jacket.
This is what confuses me - Rudals says only suits can be worn at his office and and now is talking about wearing odd trousers?
Was? Not is?
Not having to wear a jacket and tie to work in my office (although I do on Fridays as a F-U to the casual Friday vibe), wearing a cashmere v-neck with an open-collar shirt and trousers (moleskin, corduroy, flannel) is my go-to winter outfit. While I like the idea of a cardigan, I too feel it's more of a lounge-y at-home garment and I don't have any currently. I really like the idea of a shawl-collar cardigan that's a bit longer than most as a replacement for a sport...
I have the purple one - I absolutely love the fabric - I sometimes wish all my shirts were in that fabric - it's easy to iron and has a very soft feel.I guess it would depend on how humid the 85 degrees was - I wore it in Hawaii in March with a jacket and it was ok, but it was a nice breezy day and might not have been quite that warm.I probably would wear it without a jacket at 85 with the sleeves rolled up. I don't think it's too thick for that.
You're referring to Rudals...but I think he's been cured of that.
Try living in Vancouver BC. At least you get Steed and NSM.Then again, a very small percentage of men dress in more than jeans/cargos and fleece.
Is this enough, or do they have to be side by side?http://www.samhober.com/grenadine.htm
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