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Here's a few from me. I really must think about investing in a new camera if I'm going to do this more often. Hat is a recent acquisition from Hawaii when we visited there in March - Truffaux Shirt is Luxire Trousers J. Crew
I have a relationship with Dunn's Tailors and take my non-Dunn's stuff there as well.I had sleeves shortened on 2 non-Dunn's sport coats recently and they charged $45 plus tax for each, so it seems pretty normal to me.
Thanks, S!I figured it was time to start doing a bit since I've been building up my wardrobe of late.
Here's my humble entry: Jacket: Howard Yount (cotton) Shirt: Luxire (cotton) Trousers: Luxire (linen) Tie: Hober grenadine PS: Kent Wang Not pictured: Shoes: C&J Lowndes
It's possible that the fee may cover duties (@17%) and the FedEx brokerage fee ($10) but may not include taxes (GST/PST or HST).My last shipment was for 5 pairs of trousers, delivered in early April and I was hit a few weeks later with a bill from FedEx for $27 and change.Edit: I did NOT pay the $25 flat shipping fee for the order above. C.
Don't you have a dark brown neat from NMWA? That would work, I'd think.
Yes, I'd say so. It's quite a vivid blue - not a jacket you wear every week.I have a picture of me wearing it in Hawaii last month - I'll see if I can post it soon.
mrjester's buttons pushed.......check!
That outfit would be nicely topped off with a Sam Hober grenadine.
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