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I've had several pairs of C&J and others resoled at Parson's Shoe Re-Nu in the lower Bentall mall downtown near the Bank of Montreal.They charge around $130 for a full resole including heel (or at least that was what they charged the last time I used them).They are generally very well-recommended.
Excellent, excellent post, sir. Well executed and full of very good information. You've come so far since you started posting here.
Indeed...although I'm not much of a fan of zip sweaters.
Is that not your mantra as well?
Congratulations, @Cleav!Does this mean you'll be spending more time and effort polishing and otherwise caring for your lovely collection of shoes?
Please take it easy on the soft drinks - they're not very good for you.You'd be better off having a beer every now and then.
I agree with this - coming from someone who is in his late 40s, women are far more interested in men that are confident and funny (ie - not too serious all the time).If a balanced diet and workout regime bolsters your confidence (which it should do, unless you become obsessed with it), attention from women will come.However, as FM states, well-rounded people with some interests other than vanity will significantly open up your possibilities to meet others of both...
I know the conversation has veered away from working out lately, but I just read this article this morning and thought it was worth sharing: http://www.artofmanliness.com/2014/08/13/why-every-man-should-be-strong/ I've recently been devoting more attention to my physique (I was working out regularly before, but this year I've intensified my efforts and am paying strict attention to my diet), so I'm doing a lot of reading on the subject.
It happened to me last night on both my iPad AND my MAC desktop. I even tried to open it on another browser that I've never gone to SF with and still got the same error message. Works fine today at the office though. Also working on my iPhone.
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