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Thanks...I just bought a 38R jacket that just needs the sleeves taken up half an inch and a bit more waist suppression, so it's about as perfect as can be.So, trousers in a 34" waist would be vastly too big for me...30" would probably be best.Appreciate the quick response.
Question for those of you that have purchased suits, specifically in 38R - is the drop really only 4 inches? Trousers have a 34" waist? If so, I'd have to consider SS MTM as I'm more of a drop 8 or 9. Or, at the very least travel to the Seattle store to try a few on. Thanks in advance.
Another thing to consider is that unemployed 30-somethings still living at home have no idea of the value of money.Nor do they have any right to criticize how an employed, responsible adult spends their money.
He does live in Texas now, y'all. Boot cut is probably the rule rather than the exception there.
None that I'm aware of - there are a few tailors that do bespoke work but I haven't read any reviews or seen pictures of their completed works that have compelled me to learn more about them.Of course, others here may have a different opinion.
Says the man that doesn't own a pair of jeans, yes? I think in order for it to work, the jacket can't be too structured and benefits from a more textured cloth - not shiny or smooth.
+1Save B&Tailor for something Greg isn't carrying with Formosa. Perhaps your first odd jacket? A navy blazer?
Will it be navy?
I've been reading this thread since July or August of this year and have yet to see a definitive comparison of lapel widths between all the jacket types offered.I would do it myself, but the nearest SuitSupply is in Seattle, and I don't get there that often.Looking at the photos on the site, it's difficult to tell if there's much difference in lapel width between the Havana, Madison, Sienna etc.Do you know if someone has done this recently (since the F/W 2014-15 stuff came...
New Posts  All Forums: