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Will it be navy?
I've been reading this thread since July or August of this year and have yet to see a definitive comparison of lapel widths between all the jacket types offered.I would do it myself, but the nearest SuitSupply is in Seattle, and I don't get there that often.Looking at the photos on the site, it's difficult to tell if there's much difference in lapel width between the Havana, Madison, Sienna etc.Do you know if someone has done this recently (since the F/W 2014-15 stuff came...
I was just in the Seattle one for the first time over the weekend and tried on the wheat-colored Havana jacket and thought I fit quite well off the rack.How much narrower would you say the lapels are vs. Howard Yount's or B&T? I thought they were pretty close and the jacket length was about perfect for me.They look quite a bit shorter on the models on the website, likely because they are quite tall.I think the trousers are probably cut too narrowly for me and the drop for...
I agree - I'm 5'9" and I prefer 2" cuffs - more would be too much and less looks somehow dated to me.
So the beard fixation is less of a Jewish thing and more from your roots as a purebred mountain man?
...unless you want to remove any URLs displayed this way: http://styleforum.netYou would probably want to leave any instance of '//'
+1Plus, suede in an assortment of colors.
Or Picnic Attacker
I've had several pairs of C&J and others resoled at Parson's Shoe Re-Nu in the lower Bentall mall downtown near the Bank of Montreal.They charge around $130 for a full resole including heel (or at least that was what they charged the last time I used them).They are generally very well-recommended.
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