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+1Plus, suede in an assortment of colors.
Or Picnic Attacker
I've had several pairs of C&J and others resoled at Parson's Shoe Re-Nu in the lower Bentall mall downtown near the Bank of Montreal.They charge around $130 for a full resole including heel (or at least that was what they charged the last time I used them).They are generally very well-recommended.
Excellent, excellent post, sir. Well executed and full of very good information. You've come so far since you started posting here.
Indeed...although I'm not much of a fan of zip sweaters.
Is that not your mantra as well?
Congratulations, @Cleav!Does this mean you'll be spending more time and effort polishing and otherwise caring for your lovely collection of shoes?
Please take it easy on the soft drinks - they're not very good for you.You'd be better off having a beer every now and then.
I agree with this - coming from someone who is in his late 40s, women are far more interested in men that are confident and funny (ie - not too serious all the time).If a balanced diet and workout regime bolsters your confidence (which it should do, unless you become obsessed with it), attention from women will come.However, as FM states, well-rounded people with some interests other than vanity will significantly open up your possibilities to meet others of both...
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