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Is the Meermin model in your picture the 10164 in light brown naturcalf from the Linea Maestro line or is it a MTO model?Thanks in advance.
It's been a while since we've seen you around these parts, TC. Nice to see you still drop in from time to time.For me, I joined initially to hone my personal style (which has come along quite a bit, but still have much I could improve upon).I stay because it's almost a one-stop shop for Internet entertainment. I rarely have to go elsewhere to get my fix.
Drinking early due to this would be the silver lining, no? It is Friday, after all.
Not Jacob Kozinn Bespoke?
Voted. Best of luck!
I work for a small Internet company in downtown Vancouver. We don't have an office dress code, and rarely have any customers visit. As a result, I could wear pajamas to work every day. Most of the people here work on the technical side and wear shorts/jeans and t-shirts year-round. As we're in downtown Vancouver in the financial district, many of the office workers in our building and the immediate area wear suits and/or business casual. I usually wear a dress shirt...
It's quite common - no need to be embarrassed. But now you know the difference, thanks to KObalto's graphical definition!
Thank you for that. Was just about to comment to Stitch.
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