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I think perhaps we all deserve a shoe cerkle with all your purchases this year. Feel free to wait until you're finished at the end of December.
Every day. It's a marathon, not a sprint.
I fear this is all too true. The onus is on those that know how to do it properly to be an example for others, if they're willing to learn from us.I play violin in an amateur orchestra, so I wear my (brand-new) dinner suit 5 or more times per year as well as go to a few other black-tie events.In the orchestra (and this is by no means confined to Vancouver), most of the men wear black suits with normal white dress shirts and pre-tied bow ties, and wear normal black shoes...
You - out?Riiiiiiiiight.
Is it possible that the wife is holding them hostage in an attempt to curtail your out-of-control spending of late?
Held in trust until such time as he displays a modicum of class?
Do you think he means a knit tie?
There is. Book a trip to HK!
Looks like something that will soon live in Spoo's closet.
You're correct about the shirt. I've washed it once and will again before I wear it the next time. If the sleeves are still too long then, I'll have them altered further.The vest is a 3-button with kind of a u-like v shape.I'll take another picture when I've mad these changes (and the jacket will be unbuttoned).Appreciate the comments.Cheers
New Posts  All Forums: