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Would you say they match nicely with both of your onyx and mother of pearl cufflinks?
I've experienced this often in Canada. I'm not sure what the origins are, but it's annoying. My wife's mother is from Scotland (and her father has roots there as well) and they prefer people keep their shoes on when entering their house, and we do the same in ours. My wife and I found it peculiar (and distasteful) when we were invited to a party where people were expected to dress nicely (suits, cocktail dresses and the like) and then the women and men were made to...
You do. And start getting some bespoke suits etc. Mina's coming to NYC in October. You should go.
+1 (million)
That's what she said...
And most at his rather 'modest' collection.
Bullfiighter chic?
I think it has more to do with the size of your feet (shoes) than your height. I'm a size 8, so I prefer narrower openings (around 8"). However, too narrow looks too fashion-y for me, so not much narrower than that. Also, because of my size 8 feet, I prefer more sleek lasts - less rounded ends (like C&J 348/358).
I saw it IRL - it's huge!
Don't forget: 'Ugliest AND biggest - with multiple clocks, both digital and analog'.
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