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Voted. Best of luck!
I work for a small Internet company in downtown Vancouver. We don't have an office dress code, and rarely have any customers visit. As a result, I could wear pajamas to work every day. Most of the people here work on the technical side and wear shorts/jeans and t-shirts year-round. As we're in downtown Vancouver in the financial district, many of the office workers in our building and the immediate area wear suits and/or business casual. I usually wear a dress shirt...
It's quite common - no need to be embarrassed. But now you know the difference, thanks to KObalto's graphical definition!
Thank you for that. Was just about to comment to Stitch.
Obviously his wedding was more important than the IPO.
I've never tried it, but seen it before. Here's one site:http://www.framesdirect.com/tryon/framefinder.aspx
This (vs. that).The second pair would wash you out a bit - you need a stronger-colored frame.Have you tried some of those sites that put frames on a picture of your face to get an idea?
The address is 14 Rue Chaveau-Lagarde - the closest Metro station is Madeleine. It's a bit tricky to find, on a side street. Make sure you have a map.
If you think they look good and your wife thinks they look good (important as she's the one that will likely see you the most while wearing them), then you should get them. You could always do a picture survey on that other site that some people can see.
That's exactly what I bought at one of the Paris stores two weeks ago.I was spending plenty on the vacation, so couldn't quite justify a pair of shoes on top of it (and the prices seemed higher than the UK, although I could be mistaken).
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