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And new, better-fitting hoodies - you are in desperate need of those.
Did you not just get a new job? Time to up your spending!
Were any sandwiches consumed on this visit?
Perhaps instead you should go to Chicago,and commission a suit/sc, yes?
If it's May 12, I might be able to swing it in conjunction with a business trip to DC. I'll be in Paris on vacation May 5. I realize, of course, my schedule does not influence much around here. All the same...my vote would be for the 12th.
Happened with my Carminas as well - NST on the Alcudia last.I'm still working them in a bit after 3 or so full-day wears. They are getting more comfortable now.I wear a 7.5E in the C&J 348/358, which fit perfectly from the get-go and I was recommended to stay with the same sizing for the Carminas (which, after they're broken in, is the right way to go, IMO).
Rob, just as an aside here...were you able to put the money away largely due to the savings earned by not buying razors all year?
I really think you should be going for more exotic skins...like dinosaur or wooly mammoth.
I do believe you are making definite progress in that direction.
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