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I think more taunting and bad-mouthing is in order. Eventually he'll have to return to defend himself.Other than that, perhaps crowning a new SF king of snark?
You like 1232, then?
There have been a few users that size up a half-size for the New Rey based on how the 348 C&J fits (for example - 7.5UK in 348 C&J = 8UK New Rey).My feet are pretty normal - not too wide or narrow.That's what I'll likely do when I end up ordering a pair or two.
Not Safe For Wallet?
Now you can wear your shirts 2-5 times longer without washing them!
Yes, my friend, but your style is evolving...not more than 6 months ago, you'd never wear a blue shirt with a suit. Now look at you - even considering BD shirts!So, I see shiny blazer buttons in your future.
I'm fortunate to play violin in an amateur orchestra (and may also play with another one this year), so have an opportunity to wear my dinner suit 5 or more times/year. I've also been to a black-tie wedding in the past year or so and I wear it to a James Bond-themed party every year. I think if you look for occasions, you can find them. Also, when you already have one in your possession, that sometimes accounts for more invitations to such affairs.
It seems your thoughts on clothing maintenance also apply to your lawn.
I have to concur. MC the past week or two has been extremely enjoyable, especially the contributions from the old-school posters of yore.My thanks to all involved.
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