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Do you think he means a knit tie?
There is. Book a trip to HK!
Looks like something that will soon live in Spoo's closet.
You're correct about the shirt. I've washed it once and will again before I wear it the next time. If the sleeves are still too long then, I'll have them altered further.The vest is a 3-button with kind of a u-like v shape.I'll take another picture when I've mad these changes (and the jacket will be unbuttoned).Appreciate the comments.Cheers
Thanks, Mr. Crust. I did actually notice the bow tie was too long...it's the first one I've had like that (with the neck sizes on the band). I realized it after I'd left for my concert.I'm actually not a professional musician - I just play in an amateur orchestra. My previous dinner suit was 20 years old and dated, so I felt it neede a refresh.However , I agree that most professional musicians need some work sartorially.Thank you for the kind words.
Fortunately, I have most of what I want - except clothing and footwear. However, most of those pieces are much more manageable, and can be accumulated over years, rather than all at once.
Very much so...
Here it is, iGentlemen - my first WAYWRN post (well, from last Saturday night). I'm aware my shirt sleeves are a bit long and I may need a few more tweaks with the waist suppression. Both the shirt and the dinner suit are brand-new - just picked it up that afternoon. Dinner suit: Coppley MTM Tie: Dior MTO Shirt: BB Shoes: Moreschi Violin: made in Germany early 1900s
Indeed...such is not our present situation (although she says she'd like to retire in 10 or so years, leaving the responsibility to me to make up for the loss in her income - I fear I may never retire!).I usually get what I want in the end, and what I want is rarely too extravagant. Certainly there will be no more $8500 home entertainment systems purchased (which I bought before we met) without some serious negotiating!
Same with me...all significant purchases must be vetted first. It's the price we pay for being married to incredible ladies.
New Posts  All Forums: