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^^Those look like some very nice polo shirt offerings. I'll be keeping an eye out for your launch!
Isn't your beard your signature look?
I wonder how mainstream people would judge the formality of a person wearing a suit with no tie and pocket square versus someone wearing an odd jacket with a tie and pocket square. Do the accessories strengthen the level of formality? ps: This is my new favourite thread
I see no evidence that the Canadian dollar is any better than it's been vs. the Euro. Yesterday it was C$1.38 per €1, which is worse than it has been. Since we've been falling in value quite a bit versus the $US in the past few months, I suspect there won't be any positive relationships between the C$ and other currencies in the near future.
...tonight we're going to Pitti like it's 1999 - on dialup?
And what's the upcharge over the regular price?...never mind, I looked on the site.
To me, both watches lend themselves more to evening wear...do you not like white or light-faced watches? I think they may be better for workday wear. Feel free to disagree.
I agree...I'd say if you don't already have a navy blazer, go with #1. Otherwise go with #2.
As do I...I wonder what I should do with them all.
Thanks...I just bought a 38R jacket that just needs the sleeves taken up half an inch and a bit more waist suppression, so it's about as perfect as can be.So, trousers in a 34" waist would be vastly too big for me...30" would probably be best.Appreciate the quick response.
New Posts  All Forums: