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It's unfortunate I didn't read this thread before, as it seems I've also been scammed by a Spanish dude (as above) with the username Pollit, who was recently banned. Again, it's the same old thing...he's new to PayPal, so in order to access the funds immediately without enduring the 21-day waiting period, he refunds the initial payment and asks you to send as a personal payment. Then he responds stating he has access to the funds and will send you tracking info the...
^^Those look like some very nice polo shirt offerings. I'll be keeping an eye out for your launch!
Isn't your beard your signature look?
I wonder how mainstream people would judge the formality of a person wearing a suit with no tie and pocket square versus someone wearing an odd jacket with a tie and pocket square. Do the accessories strengthen the level of formality? ps: This is my new favourite thread
I see no evidence that the Canadian dollar is any better than it's been vs. the Euro. Yesterday it was C$1.38 per €1, which is worse than it has been. Since we've been falling in value quite a bit versus the $US in the past few months, I suspect there won't be any positive relationships between the C$ and other currencies in the near future.
...tonight we're going to Pitti like it's 1999 - on dialup?
And what's the upcharge over the regular price?...never mind, I looked on the site.
To me, both watches lend themselves more to evening wear...do you not like white or light-faced watches? I think they may be better for workday wear. Feel free to disagree.
I agree...I'd say if you don't already have a navy blazer, go with #1. Otherwise go with #2.
As do I...I wonder what I should do with them all.
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