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I wore a morning coat as well (which made sense, since our wedding occurred in the morning).
+1. I'd like to add a check tie like that to my collection.
Post of the day!Wise words from an ever-wiser (and ever-better-dressed) young man!
No, you're not...but you have 3 children, so I'm thinking that perhaps might make you feel older than you are.However, that's merely speculation on my part.
Well, you already look like an old man to some, yes? With the beard?Few know how young you really are.
Hmm...Is the lack of capitalization and punctuation also ironic?
You are commenting on someone else's spelling, Mr. 'pictars'?
Truly? Charles is my middle name as well!
Me too! I was checking the site (more than once per day), anticipating the addition of the fall blazer and as soon as I realized they were up, it was sold out in my size.Hopefully they'll get some more this fall.
That's what I did - I measured several shirts (based on their recommended areas) and took the best-fitting parts and put them together.For example, 15.5 collars usually fit fine when I get the shirts but start to get snug after a few washings. So I went with 15.75.Also some cuffs are so tight I almost have to unbutton them to get my hands through them and have to wear an extra-thin watch with them. So, I adjusted that measurement slightly.If you select the less expensive...
New Posts  All Forums: