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Consider how big your feet are and how tapered you wear your trousers.If you have size 12 feet and a 7.5" leg opening, then yes, they will look clown-like.It's all about proportion.
...about cognitive dissonance.
I disagree...it's hard for me to take someone seriously that cannot spell their own username correctly (unless it was intentional).
It should be called Trillionaire - even billionaires need something to aspire to.
I just received my first Luxire shirt, and it looks great, although I haven't worn it yet.However, I do plan to order several more, and at least two of them will be button-downs.I also dont have any BDs currently, but like the fact the collars look so much better without a tie.The Luxire shirts are certainly priced right and were delivered in 5 days after I ordered them. Fantastic turn-around!
I would also like to add my vote to Ed's post.It almost needs its own thread, like Manton's things every gentleman should own.
Can't open at home either, except in secret, amirite?
I wonder if the reason that black shoes with suits in business is still popular is because of the 'no brown in town' rule, or because choosing a black pair of shoes to wear with a suit is the easy choice - pairing the correct brown shoes with a suit and other accessories is too complicated.That, and many men probably own nothing but black shoes (iGentlemen excluded).
I think more taunting and bad-mouthing is in order. Eventually he'll have to return to defend himself.Other than that, perhaps crowning a new SF king of snark?
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