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Stitch was telling Stitch to stop posting pics. He's just being a tiny bit sensitive.
Is it possible to block the IP address of this black magic spammer in MC so he can't set up any more users? It's becoming very annoying. Thanks in advance.
I was trying to make the point that hipsters try to be unique in that they are interested in obscure and esoteric things/ideas/music and have no interest in the mainstream.However, in doing so, they share those interests with other hipsters. This makes them a group of people conforming to non-conformity.Anyway, I was trying to be humorous, rather than getting into a deep philosophical discussion of hipsters.I recall seeing a sketch (that I think was posted on here) that...
I think the difference between hipsters and SF-ers is that hipsters celebrate non-conformity, but are the epitome of conformity because of it (but would deny that fact). SF-ers are happily conforming to a set of rules (generally...I speak not of those that deliberately throw out rules that don't suit them - I suspect they are closet hipsters), but like to throw a bit of individuality into those rules (perhaps a small bit of sprezzatura or some other thing to set them...
Yes, I believe you're correct.I'm also from Canada and I paid $90 taxes & duty on some $300 Herring shoes and around $150 on a pair of $500 C&J Lowndes, directly from C&J.The C&J shoes were delivered by FedEx and the Herrings from DHL.However, the Carminas I ordered from The Armoury in HK were delivered without any taxes/duty.Generally, I budget for around 25%, and if nothing is charged, it's a bonus.Canadians pay a higher tariff on goods from the US and abroad, which is...
Reminds me of a up top and party down below.
So? Will you indulge him?
I wore a morning coat as well (which made sense, since our wedding occurred in the morning).
+1. I'd like to add a check tie like that to my collection.
Post of the day!Wise words from an ever-wiser (and ever-better-dressed) young man!
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