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I'm wearing this exact sweater right now - I have them in 4 different colors.I usually buy them at Macy's after Christmas for around $50. They're not the greatest sweater made out of the best cashmere, but they're definitely serviceable for daily wear.
Really? I see you more as the koppleupagus of SF.
Pics, or....
Question: I haven't been keeping score - is iroh under your protection?
This one is on the 102 last, yes?
Hmm...does your offer of protection include the ridicule of your protectee?Sort of - it's mine, so I'll break it if I want to?
My feet are pretty normal, I think, but perhaps wider than yours.
Hmm...we're the same size. I wear 7.5UK in C&J 348/358.
I have this model - I love them.
Unfortunately, my collection of shoes is not yet that great...my wife would figure it out quickly. So, I have to pick my moments and gently let her know I'm about to order something. She's usually pretty good about it, though...I always support her purchases.
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