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Interesting. I have a BB one that's ok, but would be interested in replacing/supplementing it as I wear it every few months and it would be nice to have one that fit a bit better than off-the-rack.
Is this for your dinner suit?
I ordered 1 shirt the first time and then 6 the second.No duties or GST/HST charges at all.
How about longevity? I tend to wear out socks rather quickly. Do the more expensive ones wear better?
I prefer OTC to MC as well (like others, I hate having to pull them up all the time). However, my real beef with most socks is that the heel always ends up halfway up my leg because they're always too big for my size 8 feet. Drives my crazy, especially when the heel is a different colour than the rest of the sock.
These would have been a better choice of footwear with today's outfit, IMO (along with some lighter-coloured trousers ).
Did you not see my disclaimer 'at least in the photos'?Do you not see how dark they are in the photos? Must you argue what everyone perceives as a low-contrast pairing?
I would also say there's not enough contrast between the jacket and the trousers (at least in the photos).A more mid-grey colour of trousers would be more appropriate (security-guard look be damned!).
Stitch was telling Stitch to stop posting pics. He's just being a tiny bit sensitive.
Is it possible to block the IP address of this black magic spammer in MC so he can't set up any more users? It's becoming very annoying. Thanks in advance.
New Posts  All Forums: