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^ I'd say it's because his head is shaved and he's wearing rimless glasses...I have a shaved head as well and people have a hard time figuring out how old I am. I would also guess Victor is younger than 40, based on this shape he's in.
+1 Don't let shallow people hiding behind the Internet get you down (and I know you don't). Focus instead on being the role model you are for heavier gentlemen around the world (and I suspect some of the haters fall into that category). You are proof positive that you don't have to be skinny to look fantastic and well-dressed. Cheers to you, Ethan.
Andy,I don't own any of their shirts, so I cannot comment on their quality. However, I'm sure there are several posters on here that have tried them out.I have owned a few Charles Tyrwhitt shirts, and was a bit disappointed in them.Chris
Are you referring to Ledbury? They're a SF affiliate vendor.
Indeed...we need more of this.
I was going to say the exact same thing about RL.
I usually wear navy-ground socks when I'm wearing brown shoes and grey-ground socks with black shoes.The only time I ever wear sold socks are with black tie.
Our black magic spammer has returned to MC. I'll go report one of his posts.
I think it is! But it's not Spoo that's selling it.
My good friend,I believe rise is determined by subtracting the length of the inseam from the length of the outseam (the distance from the top of the waistband to the bottom of the leg).So, assuming the trousers were pulled up properly and sized for his waist at the top of the trouser, there should be no drop-crotch effect.C
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