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As am I...I have been looking for an affordable solution to quickly get a bunch of basic shirts to replace those that are wearing out and/or don't fit me that well (too big in the waist, incorrect sleeve length).I bought one shirt to try them out and am very pleased with it. I washed it to gauge the shrinkage (little or none at all) and I'm ready to place an order for 5 or 6 more.They've just added a bunch of new fabrics, so I'm sure I'll use them often beyond the next...
Yes, I believe so. I think Jamison said they'd be up shortly after Labor Day (which it is now). Hopefully this week or next.www.howardyount.com
Howard Yount has something similar coming out in a week or two. Here's the preview on The Silentist blog:http://thesilentist.com/post/30452332898/howard-yount-fall-preview-part-1-blazers-the
I have another suggestion for the site: I think it would be great if when you sign into the site using your account, your measurements were stored so that if you wanted to purchase another shirt, you would go to the desired pattern page, click the 'add to cart' button, and the previous measurements would already be selected. You could then change whatever you wanted (in case some tweaking was required from the previous shirt, or you wanted to select a different collar or...
I have a suggestion that might assist some in deciding which fabrics to select. It's helpful with the images to include a finished shirt, or some other way to gauge the size of the patterns (gingham in particular, but also some of the stripes/plaids). For example, I was considering the classic blue white gingham, but after seeing the custom one a few pages ago, I've decided against it as I feel the size of the pattern is more on the casual side and I was looking for...
Consider how big your feet are and how tapered you wear your trousers.If you have size 12 feet and a 7.5" leg opening, then yes, they will look clown-like.It's all about proportion.
...about cognitive dissonance.
I disagree...it's hard for me to take someone seriously that cannot spell their own username correctly (unless it was intentional).
It should be called Trillionaire - even billionaires need something to aspire to.
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