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^ I have 6 shirts so far and have just ordered another 6, with a few tweaks and different collars this time. I've been very happy with the ones I currently have and look forward to the new ones. I'll probably give the pants a try in a few months.
A lot of these discussions would be better served with fit pics. Please illustrate your positions with pictures of you wearing the items (especially the trousers - we need more trouser fit pics). Thank you for your prompt responses.
Two words: Cream square
Wanted to bring this thread to the attention of Fok and moderators, if they haven't seen it already: http://www.styleforum.net/t/283463/message-for-mods-owners-important
For me as well (also Safari). Seems like some sort of memory leak.
Which collar is this? The regular English spread collar?ps - still waiting for your photo montage of different collar styles.
Of course it's Spoo...that's his patented pose (which he doesn't seem to use anymore).
I think something that might be helpful for you to put on your website is a set of pictures with captions outlining all your collar choices. I have several shirts with the #1738 collar, for example, and it would be nice to compare that with shirts having other collars, like the basic English spread collar etc. That way we could narrow down what collar styles we'd be interested. It might save a lot of back-and-forth emails initially.
I've been shaving my head for as long as I can remember, so me too.My problem is that I very rarely find hats of any kind that look remotely half-decent.I obviously need to make a more concerted effort to find some.
I think it looks very clean and fresh. Great job, Parker! One question: Do we now refer to this section as CM, or will it remain MC?
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