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Give him until the end of the week...he'll get there.
Would you people stop discussing buildings where aeroplanes are stored? I think the word you seek is hangEr, NOT hangAr. Celadon gets it.
Is weed kosher?
Perhaps they do...your 'size' seems smaller these days.
I would be interested in joining in as well.I've actually been thinking of organizing one myself for awhile but thought the fall might be better as people might be on vacation in the summer.However, nothing to stop us having another one in the fall.So, count me in.
Mr. Six was correct - the #3 Royal Fusiliers fabric is sold out.I sent David an inquiry about restock on that fabric and he said perhaps in 4-6 months, if at all.
I've had an order with 1, 5 and 6 shirts delivered to Canada and haven't yet had to pay any duties.
I've been happy with all of my commissions.As I said, they have a range of manufacturers to choose from, so you'd have to decide which price point vs. quality you were comfortable with.
I've used Dunn's many times for suits, shirts, trousers and an overcoat.i'm awaiting a blazer and 2 pairs of trousers I should get next week.They can do MTM for suits from Cohen at the low end to Jack Victor, Coppley and Samuelsohn at the high end - all made in Canada.They have a tailor on-site, so they may even entertain your tuxedo alterations, if you go in with your father (but I can't guarantee that).
^ I have 6 shirts so far and have just ordered another 6, with a few tweaks and different collars this time. I've been very happy with the ones I currently have and look forward to the new ones. I'll probably give the pants a try in a few months.
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