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Poorz because of all the excellent clothes and shoes you've been buying the past year or so, yes?
Great suggestions, gentlemen, I myself only wear a coat and tie on Fridays (reverse casual Friday) and generally prefer to wear sport coats to suits because of that. I'm in the process of building up my wardrobe so that I could wear jacket/suit and tie every day and not feel like I was wearing the same thing each day (and no comments necessary from you, patrickBooth ), so would like as much variety as possible, without having a bunch of jackets that are too similar.
Here's a general question for the masses (and one for Rudals to consider, perhaps): If one wears a brown tie, does one then wear brown shoes, as a rule? I, for one, do. If I'm wearing black shoes (which is rare), I don't wear a brown tie. I don't think there's probably anything wrong with it, but I just can't seem to do it. I'm making the assumption that Rudals, working in DC, wears primarily black shoes, as the masses do there.
I'll definitely be adding one of those on my next order - my shoe wish list seems to have more and more suede on it, and I just got a pair of suede chukkas from our friendly affiliate Kent Wang over Christmas, so I'll need one soon!
Please to give us some details on that lovely sweater, Mr. Toasty!
Perhaps he thought NMLA meant 'No Man Lurks Alone', which would be accurate, acronym-wise.
See above. I'm the maid in our household.
I am as well, although if I could figure out something that was comfortable enough but still looked fabulous if someone dropped by, I would adopt it.Currently it's cords, a t-shirt with a sweater or fleece and slippers.
What is your around-the-house uniform?
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