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See above. I'm the maid in our household.
I am as well, although if I could figure out something that was comfortable enough but still looked fabulous if someone dropped by, I would adopt it.Currently it's cords, a t-shirt with a sweater or fleece and slippers.
What is your around-the-house uniform?
We'll try again in the new year and organize a bit more.
There was just the two of us...ImTheGroom and me. We had a nice chat but we were a bit disappointed in the turnout. We will get more people to commit next time. Here's your shoe circle (line?) pic.
I'll be there in 20.
I'm at a conference all day today and tomorrow, so I probably won't get there until after 6pm.Hopefully I'll figure out which group to approach by how they're dressed.
Of course...all SF'ers are welcome...even Seattle members!
I just PM'd you.I thought about attending the St. Crispin show, just for interest's sake, but I think I had a conflict that day.I do enjoy my C&J shoes (of which I have several pairs), but St. C's are a bit above my comfort-level, price-wise.Hopefully Leatherfoot will do more of these in the future.
Also - the traffic back to Langley will be much better in the evening than it would be after work - so not only will you feel a sense of kinship with like-minded, individuals, but your commute will be almost stress-free. Win-win!
New Posts  All Forums: