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I'll definitely be adding one of those on my next order - my shoe wish list seems to have more and more suede on it, and I just got a pair of suede chukkas from our friendly affiliate Kent Wang over Christmas, so I'll need one soon!
Please to give us some details on that lovely sweater, Mr. Toasty!
Perhaps he thought NMLA meant 'No Man Lurks Alone', which would be accurate, acronym-wise.
See above. I'm the maid in our household.
I am as well, although if I could figure out something that was comfortable enough but still looked fabulous if someone dropped by, I would adopt it.Currently it's cords, a t-shirt with a sweater or fleece and slippers.
What is your around-the-house uniform?
We'll try again in the new year and organize a bit more.
There was just the two of us...ImTheGroom and me. We had a nice chat but we were a bit disappointed in the turnout. We will get more people to commit next time. Here's your shoe circle (line?) pic.
I'll be there in 20.
New Posts  All Forums: