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Try a Google image search. Matteo is (probably) not a member of SF.
I have both the KW chukkas and the C&J Tetburys - I'll try and take a comparison shot of them this evening.
When I was single I would either wear socks or go barefoot, but found that my socks and/or feet would get dirty from the dust on the hardwood floors (being single, I guess I wasn't too obsessive about vacuuming).Since I've been married, we have a shoes-on house. My wife's mother is from Scotland and they're a staunch shoes-on family, so I've just adapted (and it really wasn't a big issue).As long as people wipe their feet upon entering, they really don't dirty the floors....
Ah. I really like the one Mr.Titsworth posted.
Which one?
RE: pronunciation - I think it's intended to be a cross between 'luxury' and 'desire'. I pronounce it LUX-I-ER with a long 'I', rather than LUX-EER.I may be completely wrong, though. It certainly does not roll off the tongue easily for me.
FIELD TRIP!!!Also, a Mr. Fields trip?
I'm not familiar with many brick and mortar retailers that offer MTM services other than the two you've mentioned, but I know Dunn's (where I've had several commissions filled) have quite a wide range of options, from Cohen at the low end to Jack Victor and Coppley in the middle and finally with Samuelsohn on the top end.So, I think their offerings fit any budget within reason. The Cohen price points will be competitive with your Indochino and MyTailor online efforts, but...
+1 Not even close.
Hello - you may want to check out this thread - it's very comprehensive on the subject:
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