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Carmina and Crockett & Jones make women's shoes and boots - check out their websites.I assume there are others as well.I don't have any personal experience with their women's footwear (well, my wife doesn't), but I'm quite fond of their men's stuff.
That does seem high to me. I haven't had any Meermin shoes delivered to me, but I have had duties and taxes around 30% of the price before for Crockett and Jones and Herring Shoes.You should ask Fedex for a breakdown of the $94. Their brokerage fee is probably part of that, in addition to 18% duties and 13% HST (or whatever you have in your province).
My vote for the new site (which is one that myself and others have put forward) would be to have a wish-list function, allowing us to keep a list of fabrics that interested us for some future purchase, so we wouldn't have to search the site for them. Of course, as long as the ability to search for fabrics by any number of parameters (which would require tagging each with many different attributes) would make this easier. Also, the ability to keep the sort function (eg....
I love chukkas, especially the chiseled ones. I mainly wear them through the winter months. There is no dress code in my office, so generally wear flannel trousers, a shirt and v-neck sweater with either my Tetbury calf chukkas or Kent Wang suede chukkas. I may invest in some chelseas to spell them off for next winter.
I agree with this...the third one is significantly more versatile.
I suspect soon we'll be able to digitize our driver's licenses, so all we'll need is our phone/watch. Iowa is testing an app for digital licenses soon.
I've only ordered once from David - 7 ties in one order and chose regular mail over DHL, hoping to avoid any additional charges.However, I had to pay an additional C$180 at the post office.My strategy obviously did not work this time, but I've been pretty fortunate with other purchases from different vendors.I almost always get dinged on shoes, though. Most factories (C&J, Herring) do not have a regular post option.
^ I think it looks great. As others have said, I'd slightly extend the collar point length on any future orders on the shirts.
Nothing on any of my SS jackets like that other user.
^ I own this jacket and am very fond of it. I'm not sure I'll be wearing it much in summer-like weather, but since it never gets overly warm in Vancouver, I'll probably reach for it a fair bit.
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