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At least you had the opportunity to buy anything - we Canadians were shut out (as well as Europeans, but they've had opportunities in the past).
I have the navy Madison and wore to to a Christmas party with rave reviews so I want to get my hands on some more.Sadly, it appears that the Madison's days may be numbered at SS, according to some speculation.
If anyone managed to snag the Madison suit in the brown POW check (P3944I) in a 38R in the outlet sale and has second thoughts, I'd happily take it off their hands - I had it in my wishlist and was just about to pull the trigger when it became unavailable to those of us outside the US. Cheers.
...or any online retailers (read SF affiliates/favourites) that sell their wares based in $US - Luxire, Sam Hober etc.
Really? Not for me...I'm in Canada though.
More CBD shoes or more casual?I seem to recall you only wear jeans and sneakers when you're not wearing a suit.
^ Sage advice....Noodles, pay attention to this post! You can make a statement through slightly more subtle means...it's not just about vibrant fabrics (which we all know you're drawn to, even if you'd likely never wear them to work, or perhaps at all).
Carmina and Crockett & Jones make women's shoes and boots - check out their websites.I assume there are others as well.I don't have any personal experience with their women's footwear (well, my wife doesn't), but I'm quite fond of their men's stuff.
That does seem high to me. I haven't had any Meermin shoes delivered to me, but I have had duties and taxes around 30% of the price before for Crockett and Jones and Herring Shoes.You should ask Fedex for a breakdown of the $94. Their brokerage fee is probably part of that, in addition to 18% duties and 13% HST (or whatever you have in your province).
My vote for the new site (which is one that myself and others have put forward) would be to have a wish-list function, allowing us to keep a list of fabrics that interested us for some future purchase, so we wouldn't have to search the site for them. Of course, as long as the ability to search for fabrics by any number of parameters (which would require tagging each with many different attributes) would make this easier. Also, the ability to keep the sort function (eg....
New Posts  All Forums: