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Yes, and adding insult to injury to us in Canada (and other non-US countries) is that many SF affiliates are priced in $US, so it's all 25% or more expensive in the last year or so. It certainly is making me think about my choices for the many items on my wish lists.
I would consider wearing a knit tie with a BD collar.
187 lbs @ 49 157 lbs @ 50 It's all about calories in vs. calories burned. Obviously the better quality calories in, the better you'll feel. Also, a combination of weight training AND cardio makes it much easier to notice positive body improvements. Finally, the best way to lose is slowly...no more than 2 pounds per week on average...that way you'll be able to keep it off. ...however, prepare to pay some money in tailoring and acquiring new clothes.
Jok - you should post some pictures of your work to give people an idea of your skill level.Good luck!
I'm sure they won't as I sent the funds via Personal Payment, leaving me little recourse for disputes.I'd like to track him down though - apparently he lives somewhere in Spain.
I've filed a dispute with PayPal, which in essence means they'll send him an email and ask why he hasn't delivered on our transaction. However, they said if he doesn't respond to them (which is quite unlikely), there's not much more they can do since I remitted the funds via Personal Payment. They also said if he gets enough complaints against him, they'll likely 'limit' his account - whatever that means. I suspect these people have multiple PayPal accounts and bank...
It's unfortunate I didn't read this thread before, as it seems I've also been scammed by a Spanish dude (as above) with the username Pollit, who was recently banned. Again, it's the same old thing...he's new to PayPal, so in order to access the funds immediately without enduring the 21-day waiting period, he refunds the initial payment and asks you to send as a personal payment. Then he responds stating he has access to the funds and will send you tracking info the...
^^Those look like some very nice polo shirt offerings. I'll be keeping an eye out for your launch!
Isn't your beard your signature look?
I wonder how mainstream people would judge the formality of a person wearing a suit with no tie and pocket square versus someone wearing an odd jacket with a tie and pocket square. Do the accessories strengthen the level of formality? ps: This is my new favourite thread
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