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hmm not sure what standard i've set for myself but yeah i'm been digging the hoodie under jacket look as of late. not to mention it was in the mid 40s today. though i thought the boot tuck was appropriate given the leather/ jeans biker vibe i was trying to acheive. anyhow, your feedback is much appreciated.
ed, you can't leave me hanging bro. what don't you like about it?
margiela 5zip rick gimp balmain biker vintage boots
BERNHARD WILLHELM x CAMPER sz41 $220 shipped ( pp price)
fwiw the hl bomber looks good on you, bene. just need different shoes and a slouchier top/tee. perhaps something like this? [[SPOILER]] as for bulk or fashion. my advice to you is follow your heart. do what makes you feel happy but don't expect to have it both ways..
bene, i'll take it off your misery. sell me that bomber.
so i returned something yesterday.... [[SPOILER]]
ivwri, that is just awesome.
thanks fellas!credit goes to a family bloodline of great chinese hoarders.
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