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number (n)ine beenie individual sentiments coat ann d shirt zam pants guidi boots
wu coat is so good. mostly ricks...
had to do a double take, stitchy. i approve.
these pants are so comfy, thx again @Parker!
bert, i want to see ur new eg coat in action. yyph snap blazer/ coat y's shirt yyph lounge pants y3 qasa
@myshoeiswet, what's the next challenge??
no hemfrenzy, i think.fabric i believe is wool/acrylic, substantial and heavy. high collar with zipper and snaps closure. dunno which season, perhaps someone more knowledgeable like brad could chime in.fuuu... i'm convinced i am gary oak. mod, please update my title.
[[SPOILER]] reinhard plankattachmentforme d'expressionzam barrettwjk
thx shah!junya cdg
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