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@myshoeiswet, what's the next challenge??
no hemfrenzy, i think.fabric i believe is wool/acrylic, substantial and heavy. high collar with zipper and snaps closure. dunno which season, perhaps someone more knowledgeable like brad could chime in.fuuu... i'm convinced i am gary oak. mod, please update my title.
[[SPOILER]] reinhard plankattachmentforme d'expressionzam barrettwjk
thx shah!junya cdg
shirt is actually black but i hear ya. patchwork / sololist shirt would be ideal or something more raw as bene suggested.i like the color palette there, @cyc wid it. are those virgils?redwings 100x > gats
i need tweed pants
so what's the verdict? [[SPOILER]]
@ultronwar knit is mihara yasuhiro bene, I would swap out those gats for some white cps/ stansmiths.
tight race. this could come down to the wire
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