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doma creepers are so nice and they are my size too. must resist.
peir needs to add one more photo to the snowman gallery. [[SPOILER]]
not sure why you feel hesitant because i think you'll look great in it, dl. i haven't had much luck with blazers lately so i hope it works out.thanks, synth. how many sz52 SFers are out there?!!!
damn those zip panel bikers are sick! good stuff, ronnel.
screw the qasas and ricks( for now), got me some dries.
arghhh, those all black qasas have just muddied the waters.
they sorta resemble the bbs collab. maybe too futuristic for kg.
snow, those black on black qasa's do look good. are they from this season or fw14-15 ?
haha, was leaning towards the qasa. @fistinyoface, any recommendations?what shoe size are you? i think TheArm was selling those ( offwhite/cream) in sz44 awhile back. any idea on the quality?
lookin for summer kicks. can't decide on these runners. 1. 2. 3.
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