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they sorta resemble the bbs collab. maybe too futuristic for kg.
snow, those black on black qasa's do look good. are they from this season or fw14-15 ?
haha, was leaning towards the qasa. @fistinyoface, any recommendations?what shoe size are you? i think TheArm was selling those ( offwhite/cream) in sz44 awhile back. any idea on the quality?
lookin for summer kicks. can't decide on these runners. 1. 2. 3.
yo toast, you no want to be part of the bone guidi pose no more??!!!
@Benesyed those are 'off fly' that i had hemmed.looks like we have the same shirt! i got mine off rakuten last year. the detachable hidden placket is huge. almost feels like i'm wearing a tie. here's a close up pic.. [[SPOILER]]
ssnowwwww. [[SPOILER]] kka jackethelmut shirtvibskov trousersguidi shoes
stitchy is so pimp. like everything, even the double monks.
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