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take 2 eg porter jacket voidthebrand tee miharayasuhiro layered shorts guidis boots
check yo pm, stitchy! I might have some devoa jawnz for you.
xpost from challenge
new n(n) mesh knit, rest same old. [[SPOILER]]
thanks guys!yeah, they are moleskin trousers, super soft and comfy. jacket is bedford homespun knit.here's a closer shot and actual color of the jacket. [[SPOILER]]
[[SPOILER]] eg jacketviridi-anne shirtraf trousersguidi boots
yyph jacket phillip lim shirt damir trousers ann shoes
dat unlayered fishnet tee! i was so tempted to pick up the matching jean pants. appreciate your feedbacks, guys. still trying to figure how to put the right pieces together. to be honest, i feel the jacket is a size big, particularly from the chest down as ridethecliche noted it being boxy and lack of waist suppression. agreed with fuma on sleeker footwear and perhaps different trousers would work better. fwiw, jacket is heavy cotton, not velvety as photos may...
new jacket fit. dries blazer siki tee cloak trousers ann creepers
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