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[[SPOILER]] thanks everyone!!homespun gang (sup @e0d9n0b5)@Regisdb9, how are the wyatts? fit is fire, red dress and all..
eg homespun viridi-anne schneider guidi
ninja kicks gang
@Dlester just convinced me that i need some brown sidezips in my life. margiela coat looks great! [[SPOILER]] this is the only js piece i own and quality/fit is on point, lux and comfy.keep looking. took me almost a year before they popped up.----thanks for the comments and thumbs, guys!
cozzzzy .... jonathan saunders alexander wang converse x n(n)
[[SPOILER]] margiela knithelmut lang bondage ma1helmut lang bondage pantsrick boots
[[SPOILER]] junyacommon reeflavinann d
i like the use of qasas there, kong. [[SPOILER]] number (n)inesilentdevoarick
been awhile... jil sander plokhov ann d
not sure what i was trying to do, but old dude on the left didn't seem to be amused.
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