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awesome IS coat, @t3hg0suazn. just want to echo nahneun's point to get the sleeves altered. [[SPOILER]]
groupthink strong leather shirt jeans boots
wish it was my size.
lookin goooodd snow!! costumery sat brunch fit: faliero sarti scarf number nine mesh knit lost and found shirt number nine pants rick owens boots
for some reason i thought you have a neo scuba, kunk? pretty rare piece and one of my grails. my buddy had it for some time but it was just too big. fortunately i was able to take it off his misery.
n(n)rick [[SPOILER]]
you guys are prolly right....gonna pass.
tis the season for long coats! awesome thread, synth. kinda speechless after seeing ghost's collection. just let me know when you get tired of that camel coat. my contribution: viridi-anne rick knife coat rick parka silent
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