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tis the season for long coats! awesome thread, synth. kinda speechless after seeing ghost's collection. just let me know when you get tired of that camel coat. my contribution: viridi-anne rick knife coat rick parka silent
no comments on the barena yet. tho my co-worker did make a reference on my tom brady uggs.
sf on fire the past few days. good to see reedo posting fits again schneider scarf barena cardi geller shirt raf moleskin pants guidi boots
xpost from challenge. thx @Parker for cool pants!
I'll play.. yyph lemaire yyph ann
[[SPOILER]] thanks everyone!!homespun gang (sup @e0d9n0b5)@Regisdb9, how are the wyatts? fit is fire, red dress and all..
eg homespun viridi-anne schneider guidi
ninja kicks gang
@Dlester just convinced me that i need some brown sidezips in my life. margiela coat looks great! [[SPOILER]] this is the only js piece i own and quality/fit is on point, lux and comfy.keep looking. took me almost a year before they popped up.----thanks for the comments and thumbs, guys!
cozzzzy .... jonathan saunders alexander wang converse x n(n)
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