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i hear ya. in hindsight something more substantial or tucked might work better with the jacket. actually tried on the dunks but decided for the anns as i felt they're more cohesive with the shirt.thx. jacket rick, shirt viridi-anne, sweatpants y3, sneakers ann dha regis, i'm glad those rafstos didnt work out for me awhile back
dat timepiece. good stuff stitches
that looks fantastic ghostface. love the textures of the jacket and boots
lol thanks guys. those are balmains and jacket is rick scuba
i was looking forward to the postseason at camden.
stitches if it makes you feel better mine stopped at around 6ft in 10th grade. i fell 2" short of my projection. as for the pullover sweater, i went with a small, 2 sizes down from my normal large ( sz50/52) due in part to the huge measurements. what size did you go with synth? for some reason, i thought you, regis and nil are about same height (6'4"-6'5").
wore this yesterday and snapped a photo for filcol and koy as they wanted to see the sweatshirt. sorry shah, more plokhov plokhov cloak ann d
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