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lookin' great snow! hope everyone is enjoying the holidays as well. last fit for the year. [[SPOILER]]
thanks toasty. yeah tbh i'm kinda on the fense with those boots myself. perhaps with different pants ( lounge / dropcrotch) would work better as dorje suggested. just wish the boot shaft is more narrower and substantial.
stitchy, mikey looking good.from yesterday. need to learn how to take better indoor photos. [[SPOILER]] dior homme beaniemarkus rupfer jacketdior homme hoodiedior homme jawnzdamir creepers
not sure what season it's from but i got it from parker.
cold day. thanks again @Parker for the hookup [[SPOILER]] is coatdries sweaterzam pantsguidi boots
yeah those are snaps. the bottom panel can be folded as in the fit. here's what it looks like at full length. [[SPOILER]] @conceptionist those are wool cargo trousers and pair of old creepers.
yohji geller ann x2
a lot of grails. only pairs maybe missing are dust , 07/08 jakes & umc's. @cyc wid it which wash did you sell? still regret unloading my ink me and rack rails.
siki shirt looks really nice @artishard116. where2cop?
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