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xpost from ghost's challenge. [[SPOILER]] lupfer ma1 jacketmargiela sweaterann cargo pantsvintage combat boots
lupfer ma1 jacket margiela sweater ann cargo pants vintage combat boots edit: consolidated pics
raf dries rick sup toast rick
[[SPOILER]] ann floral scarfcdgh+ jacketschneider cardiann alphabet shirtcloak trousersann creepers
fwiw i find the velcros run small, more so then my icarus. i went tts on those blues but ended up grabbing a bigger pair in black as find them a bit constricted, particularly around the toebox area. which may explain why they look so prestine, @Lionheart Biker
haven't worn these in awhile. decided to give them some love today after seeing toasty's fit.
koy, M-ojo Risin'they are waxed.haha yep. copped the Forme shirt too.
lookin' great snow! hope everyone is enjoying the holidays as well. last fit for the year. [[SPOILER]]
thanks toasty. yeah tbh i'm kinda on the fense with those boots myself. perhaps with different pants ( lounge / dropcrotch) would work better as dorje suggested. just wish the boot shaft is more narrower and substantial.
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