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that coat thing is m-ojo risin'1. haha no, on the contrary. i'm hoping to see more contributions from sf members in the next few days.2. no issue with recycle stuff
bump. need entries guys( girls and moms).
only if you're sweating in yohji's [[SPOILER]]
next CHALLENGE is up!!!
a lot nice long coats, parkas and thingies. good segue to our next CHALLENGE.
This week's challenge is long coat play. There's already a devoted thread for it and it's only fitting we have a challenge. To keep it friendly, I've included long cardi/robe thingies. Go nuts, bust out your grails, make it interesting and most importantly, make it look gud. The contest is for 2 weeks and will end Wednesday, December 17th.
thanks guys! some awesome entries here. will try to come up with something for the next challenge after the thanksgiving weekend. happy turkey day!!
belt is gooood!!. might give that a try myself.
[[SPOILER]] rickannzamwkjedit: can't resize photos. added spoiler.
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