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tough to follow after diniro's fit. sf waywt has been off the hook the past few weeks today loungey / gym wear. also debating if i should grow my hair out for the winter. [[SPOILER]] rafsilentvoidgellerrick
thx steveo. i'm 6ftnope. 50/52
thx fellas.from ebay last week? nice grab!have not thought about a different shirt. though the color of coat is more closer to charcoal black irl. might trade for a devoa
good stuff the-arm! [[SPOILER]] number (n)ine beanieindividual sentiments coatann d hidden placket shirt ( sup snow / snake)plokhov trousersandrew mac boots
i hear ya. in hindsight something more substantial or tucked might work better with the jacket. actually tried on the dunks but decided for the anns as i felt they're more cohesive with the shirt.thx. jacket rick, shirt viridi-anne, sweatpants y3, sneakers ann dha regis, i'm glad those rafstos didnt work out for me awhile back
dat timepiece. good stuff stitches
that looks fantastic ghostface. love the textures of the jacket and boots
lol thanks guys. those are balmains and jacket is rick scuba
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