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thx snow! it's virgin wool.
thanks shah! i like this too but not ready to forfeit my ricks just yet.
silent coat ann shirt schneider trousers ( thx octopandda! ) ann creepers
@t3hg0suazn, those are heavy cotton j pants. ken, barena looks good. i like the oversized look.
rick jacket rick hoodie voidthebrand tee zam pants rick dunks
wow, thanks for the all votes fellas. guess i really nailed regis on that one. since he’s the most imitated and a good sport, it’s only fitting to have @RegisDB9 select the next challenge. dude will you do us the honor??
shape looks good. what's the material?
you need to be on the eliptical with your rafstros.
great fit on the mollino mrtony! and damn you stitchy for stealing my next fit!! well the hat anyways. you look awesome btw.
sf has so much love for regis haha, or that vintage crockett vice look..----as parker mentioned, a really fun and creative challenge. great job ghost! I would hope there will be a sequel / part 2 to this in the near future.
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