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need big outdoor deck and moar hair. [[SPOILER]] yang lidior hommesilentguidi
@in stitches, thought you wanted to join the 'bone' guidi boots club
raf forme void siki kva
yang li phillip lim
thanks shah and stitches! eg looks great, @cyc wid it. bedford? how did you size?
not the best lighting, but trying out some new stuff... oh sup @Tirailleur1 yang li viscose blazer dior homme poplin shirt ann d viscose trousers ann d creepers
more of the same..... rick, vtb,and plokhov. [[SPOILER]]
heaps of great fits!! @ghostface killah and @myshoeiswet bringin da ruckus! @in stitches, those are thumbholes on the sleeves. the trousers, i think they were around $400 or so on sale at farfetch from last year. i would check out sz, sufu , ebay for deals. zam barrett (zfactorie) would also be a good place to start for something comparable.
haha thanks bene. got sidetracked after brunch and totally forgot to xpost. appreciate all the kind words dudes. and big thanks to @Parker for the awesome knit!! bert, leather is horse if I remember correctly.
cozzzy... void scarf miharayasuhiro knit lost & found shirt obscur trousers guidi boots
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