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dat unlayered fishnet tee! i was so tempted to pick up the matching jean pants. appreciate your feedbacks, guys. still trying to figure how to put the right pieces together. to be honest, i feel the jacket is a size big, particularly from the chest down as ridethecliche noted it being boxy and lack of waist suppression. agreed with fuma on sleeker footwear and perhaps different trousers would work better. fwiw, jacket is heavy cotton, not velvety as photos may...
new jacket fit. dries blazer siki tee cloak trousers ann creepers
this gstar talk brings back memory of my tramp stamp twisted cords.
undercoverism knit helmut lang bondage jacket
doma creepers are so nice and they are my size too. must resist.
peir needs to add one more photo to the snowman gallery. [[SPOILER]]
not sure why you feel hesitant because i think you'll look great in it, dl. i haven't had much luck with blazers lately so i hope it works out.thanks, synth. how many sz52 SFers are out there?!!!
damn those zip panel bikers are sick! good stuff, ronnel.
screw the qasas and ricks( for now), got me some dries.
arghhh, those all black qasas have just muddied the waters.
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