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shirt is actually black but i hear ya. patchwork / sololist shirt would be ideal or something more raw as bene suggested.i like the color palette there, @cyc wid it. are those virgils?redwings 100x > gats
i need tweed pants
so what's the verdict? [[SPOILER]]
@ultronwar knit is mihara yasuhiro bene, I would swap out those gats for some white cps/ stansmiths.
tight race. this could come down to the wire
thanks spope. actually been lacking motivation lately. need to set new goals and get back on track. as far as lupfer, i feel his creativity has gone south the past few seasons. his best work remains aw12 imo.brad, you will have to get in line like others. unless you can dazzle me some good ol quebecker poutine. then maybe, just maybe
back to the grind #markusluper #miharayasuhiro #lostandfound #plokhov #rickowens
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