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great fit on the mollino mrtony! and damn you stitchy for stealing my next fit!! well the hat anyways. you look awesome btw.
sf has so much love for regis haha, or that vintage crockett vice look..----as parker mentioned, a really fun and creative challenge. great job ghost! I would hope there will be a sequel / part 2 to this in the near future.
damn that is great ghost. coat looks fantastic!
hhaha.. i'm so clueless. now i need to look him up.
@Snowmanxl, sipang?
jab, do you play hold 'em?thanks guys!unfortunately i don't know a great deal about m-ojo risin’ other than it's an italian label. i believe the founder/ designer is gerardo battista. aesthetically, it reminds of ria dunn, ann d , bbs etc.
new hat fit [[SPOILER]] scha felt hatm-ojo waxed coatdries gradient tneckplokhov trousersandrew macdonald boots
who else stock that barena robe thing?
moo, no worries. there's really not much to see. black, blue, black, black and all black.
[[SPOILER]] yyph snap blazerphilip lim knit cuffs shirthenrik vibskov trousersann d creepers
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