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thanks spope. actually been lacking motivation lately. need to set new goals and get back on track. as far as lupfer, i feel his creativity has gone south the past few seasons. his best work remains aw12 imo.brad, you will have to get in line like others. unless you can dazzle me some good ol quebecker poutine. then maybe, just maybe
back to the grind #markusluper #miharayasuhiro #lostandfound #plokhov #rickowens
ORIGINAL THREAD HEREAwesome challenge. Extremely high volume and quality entries. Kudos to all!!!Now start voting for your favorite(s)!! Poll will end this Saturday.YOUR ENTRANTS:#1#2#3#4#5#6#7#8#9#10#11#12
blazer looks amazing. great fit per usual, parker.
train has just left now.....4real tho
Last day for the contest. Great job by everyone who participated and there is still some time left ( 7hrs+). Please get your entry in by 8pm tonight US Est Time. I will try to put up a poll late tonight or tomorrow.
adding og moleskin lang coat to my 2cop list.
all good @in stitches!! @nahneun, let's see the devoa fit.
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