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better late than never. lookin goooood, stitchy!! poll is up! http://www.styleforum.net/t/402909/poll-sw-d-challenge-headwear-6-16-14-6-30-14-www-other-shop-com#post_7227157
unable to edit the original thread. poll will close on 7/3 midnight est time.here are your entrants:kindofyoungspacepopehendrixconceptual 4estmanofkenttirailleur1rxs09neofinitianevergreenghdvfddzgzdzgjonasghostfacenicelynicediniroraisin stitches
[[SPOILER]] nike bucket hatcommon keef sweat teevibskov trousersann d sneakers
very nice, neo.i have faith in you.
@in stitches, you're up!
thx stitchy, snow! will have to take some close up pics next time. snow, not familiar with borsalino models but i think it’s called the classicboss. is that your entry for the challenge??!!
new shirt fit. big thanks to will and @Other-Shop for speedy delivery. [[SPOILER]] borsalino hathien le shirtcdgh+ pantsann d shoes
@cyc wid it, rick looks good. i would swap for some rick cargos or drop crotch pants to round out the fit.
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