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[[SPOILER]] rickannzamwkjedit: can't resize photos. added spoiler.
I would only hope it is good shit, stitchy =: ]]haha, deetz will resume but pretty much same stuff apart from the kicks. eddie, ma1 is markus lupfer.
#ninja #ninjakicks
margiela coat sz42. (note: listed as women but whateva, looks so damn cool.)
how to size on these? where2cop?
awesome IS coat, @t3hg0suazn. just want to echo nahneun's point to get the sleeves altered. [[SPOILER]]
groupthink strong leather shirt jeans boots
wish it was my size.
lookin goooodd snow!! costumery sat brunch fit: faliero sarti scarf number nine mesh knit lost and found shirt number nine pants rick owens boots
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