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[[SPOILER]] margiela knithelmut lang bondage ma1helmut lang bondage pantsrick boots
[[SPOILER]] junyacommon reeflavinann d
i like the use of qasas there, kong. [[SPOILER]] number (n)inesilentdevoarick
been awhile... jil sander plokhov ann d
not sure what i was trying to do, but old dude on the left didn't seem to be amused.
lemaire cdgh+ ann d
damn only one vote separating 4est and ghost. will we see a first ever tie for first in the challenge when it ends tonight?
this will be interesting..
all good. thx stitchy.
poll for challenge is up! http://www.styleforum.net/t/402909/poll-sw-d-challenge-headwear-6-16-14-6-30-14-www-other-shop-com#post_7227157
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