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been a while.. happy turkey day fellas!! 🦃🦃 hair scarf rick cavempt hellokitty nike nike
time for a fit..
kung hei fat choi 🎉🐵🐒💥💫 #helmutlang #cavempt #y3 #nikexacronym
same old... dries (thx parker) junya ann dee
happy new year SFers!
[[SPOILER]] helmut langcommon reefnumber nineqasa
some random girl @starbucks wanted to feel my homespun engineeredgarments patrickervell stephanschneider adidas
yeah mostly just eating well nothing specific. for workout, it's a mixture of cardio and weights. though the past few months, i've been dialed in on weights with an emphasis to add lean muscle and strength. [[SPOILER]]
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