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Luciano Barbera Jacket: Looks super recent too!PZ Sartoriale: Seriously great find!That first shirt looks like a Robert Talbott Carmel label, but doesn't look like there's writing in it. So IDK....Etro: Quite Toned down for an Etro. Usually Etro's are brighterLoro Piana: Wonderful Pattern!Massimo Bizzochi: U.S President of Operations for Kiton. Might still be working with Kiton, but branched out and made his own line. Very nice stuff!RLBL: Fantastic scores! Great money in...
Yeah, Denver isn't a great place for shopping.... For those of you who read Klobber's post about his friend finding all that stuff. I hit 11 stores on saturday and bought 2 things!? A pair of Incotex pants and a BB sportcoat. I'd like to know where Klobber's friend shopped at,
Ahhh this is where I must've missed it... I did not realize he lived in LA! Comment retracted. Still love DarkMatter's findings; Don't get me wrong, lol. I wanna go to LA now, Is anyone interested in a pair of Jil Sander pants? I found a pair of WOMAN'S pants (they don't fit my wife). Tagged a size 38, 96% cotton/4% Elastane. Solid Black.Oh and Typhoid, Your pictures look outstanding. But I think there might be too much going on in the 2 main pictures. People might get the...
Yeah, so... I kinda don't believe your thrifting everything you find. No offense to you or anyone here... but I want to see a Goodwill Tag on something amazing you find, lol. It's just really hard to believe that your constantly thrifting Isaia on an "every other day" basis. How about showing a Goodwill Tag/Value Village/Savers/Salvation Army tag? I mean... yeah people on here find amazing things as well... but not every time they go out, lol. Proof...?
Wow... Just caught up with 50 bajillion pages.... Haven't been around for a week and a half! This thread moves faster than light! Haha! Can't say I've found anything in a long time... been looking, haven't found shit. Other than the glorious amount of shit one passes up on a daily basis (LL Bean, Tasso Elba, John Ashford... etc). As for the 30,000th post... coming across the "edit" before seeing what he really said, was a little strange. But shouldn't the 50,000th post be...
Saw this on "Shark Tank" and thought "hey Dig could use these instead of using his pockets!"
Wow, would LOVE to see a Saleen S7 in person! I've only ever seen Ferrari's, Aston Martin's, Bentleys...etc. But never a Saleen! Saw a Veyron 1 time... at the Denver Auto Show... behind a velvet rope.... Curses!!!
And where abouts are you located?? What kind of Bugatti was it? If you say the Veyron, my wife will literally come down there and cruise the streets trying to find it
I just sold a Hugo Boss sportcoat for $9.49 + shipping. Guy received the jacket and wrote me saying there was a hole in the sleeve and wanted me to pay to have it fixed. I wrote back 2 hours, 37 minutes later saying would you like a partial or full refund. He never responded... thus days go by and still havent heard from him. He then left me negative feedback saying "Hole in jacket. Contacted seller, seller never responded" and then opened an Ebay Buyer Protection case...
I have no idea, but other members might. My only comment would be that maybe it wasn't a label. Maybe it was just the owner of the jacket. People sometimes like putting their name somewhere on or in the jacket. Sorry I can't be anymore help!
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