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Thanks http://www.openingceremony.us/produc...roductid=29746 Looks like these. Too bad they don't cost the same as the desert boot
From gap.com. I would think that the models would be wearing stuff from piperline as it's gap's sister company, but I cannot find these shoes there. I just see the desert boot ... Which I am not a huge fan of, a little too bulky for me. Unless these are the Desert Boot's, but I don't think so...
Oh good I noticed myself in the mirror at work and really didn't like the black I had on, much preferred the look of the browns... next time. And I guess watch doesn't matter to much huh? Cause I like the black ones I own better than my one brown one....
My wife always tells me black shoes with black pants, and since charcoal is a variation of black then black is the way to go. I usually wear brown shoes/belt with tan or brown pants. I often see that people do wear charcoal and brown... And I tried it on this and thought it looked quite nice... Tho I stuck to the black instead. When I say brown, my shoes are a cherry brown.... Do any of you do this? Also I usually wear a brown watch band or black watch band to...
Quote: Originally Posted by JG000 Dude. Outstanding. Seriously! Where do you find these items! I am new to dressing nice (post college) and could use some hints!
http://www.brooksbrothers.com/sale/m...&rid=381337898 Thanksgiving timeframe
I can usually find them for around $40 from a factory store. People say that 346 line is crappy... But I think buying a Brooks Brothers 346 shirt for $40 that I wear to work beats a factory store shirt from the gap at $45! I see slim fits in the factory all the time, I have three factory story slim fit shirts... All of them btw are the iron shirt... not non-iron!
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