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Mike - how light woud you say the special order airforce flannel is? Is it comparable to the french blue in the duck, or more towards the navy regimental twill? Thanks.
After reading through this thread, and Derek's write up, I'm signing up for two pairs. I'm thinking: Burgandy shell long wings. LM MTO with an antiqued sole edge and the York rubber soles. Dub monks. LM MTO with karangrain, light brown, double leather soles. Does anyone have a pair in any style in the Karangrain leather? How does it polish up and how well does it wear use and abuse? I've got an email in to Pepe, but it would be great to know from those who have ordered...
I was just about to order 2 pairs of trousers and a belt when I checked this thread. Are there new fabrics coming in the next week or so? You're already out of my size in the olive gun check and navy windowpane linen, so can't hurt to see what you have up your sleeves next.
Turns our the answer is "both", but not both of these. Ordering the Mr. Freedom and picking up a Belstaff Roadmaster at the Henry Buck sale in Melbourne. So, huzah.
Hi all, After a new denim jacket and quite like the ranch blouse styles from Rising Sun and Mr. Freedom: Rising Sun: Mr. Freedom: I'm in Australia, so am not able to handle either before buying. Does anyone have experience with either? Fit pics? Comments or opinions? Ta.
Quote: let the suggestions flow............... #8 cordovan double monks, antique bronze hardware, oak bark sole. I would cheerfully murder kittens for such a shoe (not really, I love kittens).
Quote: I would clip the tags immediately. x1000 Those little tags make it impossible for a PS to sit or fold well. Great call on eliminating them on yours, Kent.
Quote: But in doing so, I'm quite aware I'm building a relationship with the shopfront people, not the actual tailors cutting and/or making my suits.f. That's very true. However, as with many things, sadly, we have to choose the level of cost and service we're happy with - as you mention. Most on these fora are happy to pay more for something beyond OTR, but fewer are able (or willing) to pay for true bespoke. P. Johnson, like all MTM operations, is...
Quote: I would have had that jacket less tight. You can see one of the buttons is pulling That's the biggest problem I see with the suit - too much with the wait suppression. Quote: Congrats and have a good marriage! I have just come up to 25 years. Thanks! And congrats on your 25 years. Any tips?
Quote: I don't think DB is the style most suited to your body shape. I don't disagree, a DB suit is less forgiving of more body shapes than a SB; and mine is one of those. The changes to jacket length, button stance, etc were intended to help with this. Quote: You should be encouraged that if you are happy with how this one turned out, the next suit(s) should be even better. Again with the agreement. By no means a perfect...
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