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Caddy CTS, the new ones look quite impressive
If we're going to be doing such broad level racial accounting, I'm pretty excited to find out how much I'm gonna get in racial royalties for antibiotics and jet aircraft
not that there's anything wrong with that
Has anyone made the "I told you so" thread yet? Because I remember everybody in this thread cautioning against buying that car. Did it even get you laid bro?
-59 Windchill. Jacket holds up.
There was a time when I didn't have a stove. I steamed broccoli in a glass with stretch wrap over the top in the microwave. Can we just take all these liberals intentionally sowing discontent and harvest their sinews already?
I bought a CMFR Gormley last week. Too damn cold in AB already and it was on sale.
Cloth tape applied to the hooks. You can get it at CVS.
biz jet to Cayman or somewhere else offshore, then some tax law advice
Zer vos a huge zurplus at zee time (der 40s) und zee bargains could not be vithstood
New Posts  All Forums: