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PSA - Haberdash (Chicago) has a Memorial Day weekend sale code of MEMORIAL25 which does seem to work for their Aldens: https://www.haberdashmen.com/products/?searchtext=alden&x=0&y=0§ion=302&tAction=Search They don't have a lot, but if there is something there you've been looking for, I'd say go for it. 
I'm thinking about ordering this casual knit blazer:   http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Knit-Blazer/MP00874,default,pd.html?dwvar_MP00874_Color=NAVY&contentpos=1&cgid=   Anyone familiar with it? Is it any good?
I ended up having to email the corporate membership department and they had me create a whole new online account on brooksbrothers.com, and then re-sign up for corporate membership. It was a total pain but they did finally get it squared away for me so now when I log in, it says 'Welcome to Corporate Membership' each time. 
Reminder- the Corporate Membership sale is this Wednesday May 20th. It's 30% off. What are folks here planning on buying? 
Thanks. I guess I got really spoiled the last time I bought a suit and was told "we can have it back to you in 2 hours". 
Wouldn't surprise me. There should be no reason it should take 2 weeks other than if it is being shipped somewhere. 
Pretty basic alterations, nothing too fancy. 
I certainly hope they don't mess mine up. I did tell myself though if something still needs to be adjusted I would probably just take it to my local tailor and not back to them though.
Why does Brooks Brothers take 2 weeks to tailor a suit you buy? That seems like a really long time. I once bought a suit at Neiman Marcus and the guy said - "I can have this ready for you in a couple of hours".
Just got back from Brooks Brothers San Francisco, the sales adviser was able to give me the corporate sales discount by holding the suits and he won't charge them until May 20th, the day of the sale. Nice.
New Posts  All Forums: