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I like my Kudu Indys when it's raining. They are indescructable and seem almost totally waterproof, and so comfy. I've worn them in the snow too, no issues. They come with a vibram hiking sole. 
That's the Need Supply "Church Hill" Indy:  
And my size of the Color 8 Indys is in stock at TSM. Too bad I have to pay my property tax bill instead.  I'm enjoying the Chuch Hill Indys. They somehow don't feel like Indy boots due to the narrower sole. 
Thanks. I used to have the Color 8 Indys that you just got too, but ended up selling them as I thought I was getting too much Color 8. 
I won't divulge whether or not it's actually in my closest. "In my closet" may or may not be a frame of mind or figure of speech. :)  Even if I did this video outdoors, the title would still be "in my closet" since that's where the shoes live. 
Video - In My Closet: Alden:  
 AFAIK, they are exactly the same product.  Venetian Shoe Cream smells stronger than Saphir Renovateur in general due to the turpentine in the Venetian. Reno I believe has some perfume in it to make it smell good too. 
  I doubt they will sell for that. That's ridiculous and they may even be secones. 
Yeah, so it sound about right that it would contain  beeswax, mink oil, hoof foot oil and lanolin.
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