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Anyone have a lead on a pair of the Leather Soul vintage Indys? (Looking for 8D). 
Wow, check out this $4,650 shell cordovan duffel!:    
Just passing this along. I just got an email from The Shoe Mart. The link for their Alden seconds (after creating an account and logging in) is:   From there, you can select your size, etc. 
Thanks, makes sense.
What does the FD mean or stand for?
Thanks for the input. 
Opinions on the Snuff Suede Chukkas please; can they be worn with a suit? Or, are they too casual for that?
Cigar Cap Toe's video for your perusal:  
I recently got an aftermarket very Hermés like leather cuff strap for my Apple Watch. Here's a short video on it. I really like it consider the cheap price:  
They actually appear to be Church's Foden model shoes, at least the box says Foden. But, the shoes do look very Alden so perhaps they used Alden for the shoes and a different shoe box so as not to be advertising for a particular brand.    
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