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I think Unionmade used to sell that boot, they called it 'Buchanon Indy': http://www.pinterest.com/pin/291537775848743298/ EDIT- I just noticed yours has the NST toe, not Indy. So, I'm not sure. 
   Thanks. Sounds like it's the same as Barrie size then. 
Can anyone tell me how the Red Wing Iron Ranger boots fit when compared to Alden Barrie/Trubalance sizing? 
PM me with offers, etc. 
Pouring here in California today so I've got my Kudu Indys on at the office:     I've said it before but, very underrated boot. Virtually indusctrucible, super comfortable. 
Anyone know what last these are on? J Crew usually states this but doesn't on these. I assume Barrie?.     https://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/JCrewingoodcompany/Alden/PRD~B3635/B3635.jsp?Nbrd=J&Nloc=en_US&Nrpp=48&Npge=1&Ntrm=alden&isSaleItem=false&color_name=BROWN%20ALPINE&isFromSearch=true&isNewSearch=true&hash=row6    
Cool, thanks for the info. 
Alden Church Hill Indy Boots from Need Supply - worn just once! Size 8D (TruBalance Last)     Alden's signature "Indy" Work Boot, made exclusively for Need Supply Co. Hand crafted from vegetable tanned calf leather, with a double oak tanned leather outsole and matching flat welt Goodyear stitching.  • Vegetable tanned leather Indy Boot • Alden style D3801 • Tonal toe stitching  • Dark brown eyelets and speed hooks • Flat antique welt • Goodyear welt construction  •...
In case anyone's interested,  Looks cool, what laces are they? I assume the are round laces? Any issues getting them into the speedhooks?
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