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 Say it however you want. 
    Thanks! Sometimes I think Alden should give me a free pair of Whiskey shells since I practically advertise for them with my videos. ;)
   Here a video I did of them a while back 
 Yea, blucher is definitely 'bloo ker' - http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/blucher?s=t
  Very nice. The Church Hill Indys are underrated for sure. I really dig the slimmer sole on them as well as the unique color. 
Showing off my cordovan Leeds (video):  
I just picked up some cordovan Leeds for a good price. Is there any way to tell if they've been recrafted? Not that it matters much but I'm just curious. 
I don't know for sure but likely that is true. 
 I got videos:  And a full commando sole: 
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