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I recently got an aftermarket very Hermés like leather cuff strap for my Apple Watch. Here's a short video on it. I really like it consider the cheap price:  
They actually appear to be Church's Foden model shoes, at least the box says Foden. But, the shoes do look very Alden so perhaps they used Alden for the shoes and a different shoe box so as not to be advertising for a particular brand.    
How to dye your Indy Boots moc toe stitching:   
 I can understand why. Those look more red than a lot of cigar I've seen. 
 I think it's probably mostly for looks although the storm welt is supposed to block out more water from seeping inside the shoe/boot.  Here's a video look I did of a few of the different Alden welts:  
I believe it's called the M58 last. Similar to Barrie, just slightly narrower. 
How much does this cost? I'd probably consider this myself only after the leather sole is worn, so as to maximize the usage out of them. 
Speaking of this not Alden but there's kinda a cool shell Brooks Brothers "Peal & Co." (made by C&J) boot that uses a Danite sole. It's like $1,098. though:  http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Peal-Co.®-Cordovan-Boots/621H,default,pd.html?dwvar_621H_Color=BRWN&contentpos=1&cgid= 
How about the Alden commando sole? That's just a rubber tread sole sewn onto a leather sole isn't it? Aside from the added traction, does it hold up better the rain, etc?
Watercock soles? 
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