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Anyone know if this is "tobacco chamois?":         http://www.theshoemart.com/alden-mens-5-eyelet-plain-toe-boot-barrie-last-brown-chamois/pvc-ald-mxsbc-45182h_ald_m_5_eyelet_plain_toe_boot_barrie_last.html?fullweb=1
My thoughts on the signature Alden shell cordovan shine and why using basically no products on them is often the best choice:  
   All you will need for a long while is a horsehair brush, cotton towel and a bit of water. See: 
This is the case with the Kudu Indys. They are cow leather, rather than actual Kudu.I have no idea what chamois actually is myself though,
I haven't bought from them but they are indeed Color 8. No way Barney's would have a whiskey, ravello or cigar Alden PTB and we don't know about it here. 
[[SPOILER]]  These look great, close to my Kudu Indys, which have a full vibram sole which I really like on them. 
Thanks for your feedback. What is the care for chamois anyways? How do they do in the rain?
Anyone got any Alden Chamois leather shoes or boots? Thinking about a pair and  wondering how the the quality of them is etc.    Pics would be great too. 
 I personally hate that and would not recommend it. I've seen shells where that was done and 100% of the time, the folds look worse than when that wasn't done. Just wear them. 
I had a Ravello LWB at one point that I sold, the ones in my profile pic. Really kicking myself now. 
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