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Anyone got the McCallum shell chukkas? How do they fit compared to the LWB?
Darn, NeedSupply will no longer provide any discount on Aldens;  
I would recommend you order one from Hanager Project: http://www.hangerproject.com/horn-bone.html I believe they are also Abbeyhorn (like Leffot when then have them). Those are the best ones. I previously had a different one and it was not as waxy/oily nor as smooth. 
Have you checked with Leffot? They sometimes stock deer bones. 
   I was calling the number they publish, not some other secret phone number: http://www.theshoemart.com/mas_assets/AJ/Alden/Alden-FD-FAQ.html 
I've pretty much given up on The Shoe Mart. I received a seconds list yesterday and the 800 number has been busy each and every time I have tried since. 
It's an amazing watch indeed. :)
 Coupon codes at JCrew that work on Aldens are rare.  I do recommend you sign up for eBates however as you can get 3% cashback on all of your JCrew purchases:  http://www.ebates.com/rf.do?referrerid=CEixJXydUjICBvrYM9U4KA%3D%3D
This is an extremely rare limited edition IWC watch - only 1953 pieces were ever ever produced.    This Aquatimer Cousteau Diver Is in Mint Condition With No Signs Of Wear And Tear. Strap shows only minor signs of storage.    Original IWC Box And Papers (Which Were Dated in 2005) are included. Watch was purchased from a USA retailer and has had very little to zero 'wrist time'.    If you are familiar with IWC watches, you know this watch stands out among collectors...
Why does re-crafting at Alden take so long? I was quoted 8-10 weeks.    Heck, I can get an entire new engine put in my car within 48 hours, job completed.  
New Posts  All Forums: