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With the Marcellus shale taking off, the oil and gas industry is starting to hire in that part of the country again. Service companies hire Chem-Es all the time, but she'd be better off if she could get a position with an operator. Compensation and working conditions are much better.
Quote: Originally Posted by imschatz I've seen a tonne of engineer/econ jobs .. doing project valuation type stuff, that require an engineering background. This is actually part of what got me interested in Econ. I was doing a lot of project and acquisition economics in my engineering job and wanted to learn more about it. In hindsight though, econ programs tend to be much more academically focussed than what I was expecting. A finance...
I have my BS in mechanical engineering and an MA in economics. FWIW, I'm still working in engineering. Most of the people I went to grad school with ended up in government. The benefits and security are nice, but they were accepting positions that started at maybe a 1/3rd to half of what I make as an engineer. Granted I'm in petroleum, which pays better than most other engineering fields. And you can find more lucrative econ positions in the private sector, but...
I just moved to the Oklahoma City area, and I'm trying to find a tailor. I thought I'd check here and see if there was anyone who might have some suggestions.
So you want a good smartphone, but it can't be the first, second, or even third most popular platforms out there? You're not making this easy are you. You're remaining options are basically Windows Phone 7, Palm's WebOS, and Nokia. Windows Phone 7 has promise. But it's hard to recommend right now as it's only just been released and there's no telling how strong developer support will be for the platform. Ideally, I'd suggest waiting at least 6 months before buying a...
Quote: Originally Posted by bigbris1 The sad part is that after a few weeks around here, I'm starting to realize that the 20% I kept mostly crap too. This place is going to ruin my bank account.
Done I've only been lurking for a few weeks. After realizing that most of my wardrobe was garbage, I sent most of it (probably close to 80%) to Goodwill about a month ago. Since then I've been trying to decide how the hell I'm going to rebuild it. This place has been a lot of help.
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