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Can it be made to look like more of a backward shithole? Maybe they could merge it with Alabama?
The high murder rate is due to the high number of illiterate, frustrated, bigoted people in America. If we could get rid of them, the rest could be trusted to own guns.The people who want to own and carry guns the most seem to be paranoid.
What's important whether or not Z was asked to stand down or whether that request came from a police dispatcher vs. a law enforcement officer? Or is it both?
Good thing because that's really vital to the case.
I just hope that his lawyer is elite enough to remember that the person who told Z to stand down was a police dispatcher and not an actual police officer.
Whatever he gets, it'll be better than what Trayvon got.
This is better for Z, he was becoming unraveled waiting for a decision either way. His family were getting threatened which is out of line and this arrest and charge will dispel that.As far as the victim's family is concerned, it's a good thing they didn't get the same prosecutor used in the Casey Anthony trial.
This country wont be safe until every red blooded 'Merican is packing.There will be a new game show called "Stayund Yer Grownd": Where contestants have to guess whether they have the right to blow someone away at such diverse locales as a Wendys or a Church.
Maybe he will use donations to flee the country and start a new life in Peru as "La FLama Blanca".
New Posts  All Forums: