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Yes, taking size started with foot drawings, tracing and measurements at specific points. I also gave details about specific foot issues like broken toes etc. They sent a foam ox to make a footprint in, and off we went. Initial version was a bit too tight at the left foot toe area, they fixed that (one way postage cost). Not familiar with their RTW line, you see a difference then?
Hungarian shoemaker Rozsnyai. First try, will do again. Nile crocodile, starting from crust. Colour, model and finishing made to my taste. Not everyone's taste, I'm sure I'd classify them as bad ass. Sizing with drawings and foam box. Very helpful service, we have changed design and skin cut to make this happen. Throat skin was used. Price was reasonable. They make shoes with pride. Robust, stylish and well finished shoes. I was impressed. Communication was very...
Expect +60 or +70% to calf
thanks! As for the model number, there is none I guess. I gave some Bestetti and Cleverley examples (mountain ram and calf) with specific details and off we went. I'd have some alterations to ask for if I would order a second pair, to pull this out of Hungarian style into Italian, but the way it is fits Vass just fine. Just ask Rezsö for the #. it's fresh.
Heavy duty, I like it! Nice contrast with the calf. The green laces work really well with black, have to remind that. I guess that species and tanning determine a lot of the characteristics of the leather, even between sharks. To illustrate the leather 'as is', check this from Vass. The blue will be mine, oh yes. .
I have been very pleasantly surprised by shark leather. The reason why I ordered this is that I have been wearing a pair of Vass Burgundy shark double monks for some time now (see pictures below. I take not good care of my shoes mind you). They are in my current top 5 because of the comfort and 'oddness'. It wears so very well and comfortable I decided to take it a bit further (or maybe: over the top ). In my opinion, shark skin (this kind at least) is thinner than calf,...
For all you Vass lovers out there, some exotics extravaganza. Vass U last Adelaide, cognac shark leather & cayman. Size 13.25 New model apparently, makes it a prototype I guess.
Finally, after a long wait, my boots came in. You can read a full review with pictures in this thread on Horace Batten.
This is a review of ordering an receiving a pair of bespoke Horace Batten Jodhpur riding boots. It's an unusual story because of the long wait and the outcome. It's also a story of perseverance, patience, politeness and a rather unusual form of customer service. The first episode started just before I answered a forum members' question (Renton) about Horace Batten, it can be read here. I felt obliged to finish that story with some pictures. Ordering December 2011 I...
Update: I have received the boots last week but was not happy with them. I had to send them back. Clearly Batten & Co were not able to produce their usual shape and fit in size 13UK. As a matter of fact, Tim Batten wrote that they had to use the only size 13 last they had available. Not the last of choice I'm afraid. The result was... well, not what I expected. I know this is not a fashion item but it resulted in a rather plump work boot. I'll wait with a full report...
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