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Not if you want a good job.
NYR, do you know where Beckensteins is? I have never quite figured it out.
I'm interested, but am curious about the scale of the pattern
That feels like a contradiction in terms.
I am actually in NYC until mid August so I hope to make it for some New York meetup, though I am doubtful if I would really enjoy a strip club.
Does this apply for overseas locations too? We have a small ring of Singaporean SFers and like-minded individuals on Facebook already for this.
My understanding is that (after talking to her) she doesn't feel like she can expand her tour schedule adequately to service these places regularly. That said, I am trying to persuade her to come to Singapore so she can holiday in Bali and perhaps bring my commissions with her =D
I am looking forward to seeing Mina tomorrow. Seeing her in Boston will mean that I have seen her four different cities so far, which amuses me greatly.
Quote: Originally Posted by coolpapa I had a fitting for a pair of flannel trousers and ordered a jacket in brown/navy SherryKash, some pants, and some Capelli ties. I must have loitered there a good two hours, which is dangerous. Incidentally, I shipped to lengths of suitings to Mina using USPS and as far as I can tell, they're stuck in Italian Customs. If anyone has tips about how to get them out, I'm all ears. I have learned to have them...
Does Isles also sell Lesser? Am quite tempted to proceed with them.
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