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Just got an email from my company's corporate accounting notifying that all transactions with AA are on prepaid "cash only" basis effective immedieately due to a D&B alert and very likely bankruptcy.
Quote: I'm going to have to agree with spin magazine and say the O.K. Computer was the best album of the 90's.. Personally I think OK Computer is hardly Radiohead's best album, much less of the entire 90's altogether.
Here's my choice of mall jeans for under $100 in preferential order: Buffalo by David Bitton 2(x)ist (they have some washes and cuts under or at a hundred bucks) Guess jeans at their boutique or outlet stores in the malls (NOT the department store pascal crap though) certain DKNY Jeans cuts and washes also you might want to check Zara jeans and A/X jeans, though not my choice some of their washes and cuts do look reasonable for under $100. I like the look of some Gap...
I gotta give it to Puma's, ugly or not, they do guarantee abundant attention. I have a pair of Brushspikes that do make people turn their heads and believe me - they do provoke some raw emotions.
this is what I picture when I think of cuffing straight leg: in other words: hideous
Quote: I was thinking about this t-shirt from Morphine Generation... But then I noticed the stupid stupid premade holes in it... Premade holes in jeans I can sort of understand, but a couple of spins in the washing machine and this shirt's finished... I'd be embarassed to be seen in something like that, not to mention that it seems to be far too tight-fitting. Not to mention that the whole skull-incorporating motif design thingy is getting a bit...
I think cuffing is fine as long as you are wearing bootcut or slightly flared jeans and as long as you are not rolling up more than an inch or inch & half at most. On straight leg or tapered jeans and if it's more than two inches cuffing looks ridiculous like a waistband up to you belly-button.
I think Jack looks just as unhealthy in his godawful red & white combination as his dark baggy undereyes and unkempt hair would suggest. He'd certainly be the last person I'd turn to for fashion advice or example. Having said that I wore some rusty red cords to work today paired with a faded orange t-shirt and dark brown shoes. A female coworker came up to me and said that I reminded her of autumn in a very pleasant relaxing kind of way.
OK, I am a european that moved to the US a few years ago. Yes, at first it seemed like everyone's a slob - wearing t-shirts, shorts and flip flops even when you go shopping to the supermarket. Sacrilege.. Then in May the temperature hits 100 F with 90% humidity, stays like that till November and suddenly socks, trousers and shirts become a drag. I have converted to shorts, sandals and tees as everyday attire fairly quickly and now cannot imagine my casual life without...
in the battle of sick man-feet vs sweaty socks and ugg-like footwear in heat I vote exposed man-feet even if it means catching a glimpse of yellow fingernails and odd hair clusters on the toes. better to wear flip flops and t-shirt than to eminate that sweaty signal of dress-to-success insecurity. I say that if you have the confidence you can pull it off in the right climate.
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