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Hi All, I've been having trouble finding denim that fits. I have a pair of Nudie Grim Tim fit and they are great but I would like a second, different pair. The problem is 30in waist fits my legs and hips fine apart from the top two inches of the waist band where i can get my fist to fit between the denim and my lower back. This is getting frustrating, so far I have tried (all Raw selvedge) APC New Standards (they didn't have a 28 to try), APC Petite Standards (too low...
Uploaded with ImageShack.us Wearing my EarthKeepers for work today
Quote: Originally Posted by Ianiceman I grew up around The Barnes. Been in Houston for 20 years but still love to get home. Small world man, used to drive past the Barnes every day for work until recently. I live in Hetton, if you know it, closer to Durham down the A690.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ianiceman What city are you from GT? Mackem here, ex Carnegie! I guess i'm GT? haha Live near Sunderland man
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday I thought about throwing in some tracksuits to balance things out, but figured eh, no need to let reality intrude. I work in a sports college, the staff even call me 'posh' because i tuck in my shirt. some students asked me if i'm gay because i wear.... instead of
yey my first post! I love Black Adder and Withnail and I It's sad that HP sauce is made in France now, thats why my Uncle wouldn't buy it (xenophobia is a great British institution) But unfortunately no one could ever dress like anything you gents in the US think make British style. I nearly got into a fight in the town where i live because i didn't wear socks with my loafers one day. Random people got together to chant 'fagot' and 'dick' at me! (and I'm neither...
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