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Always love the first time posters swooping in to respond to an inquiry about a shady brand.
Yeah, AE Kenilworths are another good option. I believe the AE shoebank has had them on sale in a variety of colors for $157 for a while now.
I think of Rancourt as more of a mocassin/loafer maker. Didn't even know they made oxfords. Are you sure you want an oxford? Oxfords are more formal. I typically only wear them with suits. Given that you're looking for something to wear with chinos/jeans, I think you'd be better served by a pair of derbies/bluchers. I just got these from Rider Boot: They also come in dark brown leather and dark brown suede. I think they'd fit more with how you're planning to...
Rider derbies arrived today. Been wanting a pair of plain toe derbies for a while. I'd considered the AE Leeds (too blobby) and Kenilworth (leather seemed a bit cheaper than that on some other AEs I've owned). The Riders are perfect for me. Sleeker than AE and better leather for $300. He needs to release a full line of shoes.
If you like it and can afford it, $1100 is not too much. There are plenty of people who will tell you that you can get [insert higher quality brand that occasionally goes on deep discount via final sale on the internet in broken sizes] for that kind of money. In my experience, however, for a suit you can try on and is available in a wide range of fabrics, styles, and sizes, you can't do much better than Suit Supply in terms of value.
Take this with a grain of salt, but my single experience in trying one HY shoe on was that they fit TTS. I'm normally an 11.5, but the shoe I wanted only went up to 11. I tried it on my right foot, which is slightly shorter than my left, and it was every bit as tight as I would expect a true 11 to be. Didn't even try on the left foot. Like I said, not exactly a large sample size, but I would order true to size if it were me. If it's slightly large, you can do heel...
^ Looks great on you. Those trousers look way slim for me to pull off, though.
Still a decent selection of sizes available. Anybody have any sizing advice for the Ravenna? I'm 11.5D in Allen Edmonds's Randolph and Grayson loafers. Looks like the Ravenna is on the most generous J. Fitz last, so would I be safe if I ordered 10.5 UK?
Can anyone comment on the fit of the suit trousers? I have a pretty good idea of how the jackets fit me from my one visit to the store, but only tried on the Havana trousers, and they were way too tight. Leg opening measurements on the suit trousers look to generally be 8.1 to 8.3 inches for a size 42(52), which doesn't tell me much except that they are on the slim side of what I'm used to. Does the fit of the trousers correspond to the sizing of the sizing hierarchy of...
Would absolutely subscribe to that thread.
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