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I'd put SSI'd put current SS quality above current BB quality.
II have the Walker and like them quite a bit. After about a year of wear, the only issue I've had is a bit of heel separation on one shoe, which was a $3 fix at my local shoe repair shop. No big deal. My only advice would be to follow Rider's sizing advice and size down by 1/2. I ordered my normal size, and they definitely run large.
I'd roll the dice on yoox or eBay before resorting to MW and that sport coat in particular. Grey sport coats are difficult to pair with trousers, the lapels are too thin, and the shoulders look heavily padded. Also, check the Allen Edmonds shoebank website. They occasionally have 2nds for $100, and you can usually find a decent selection at $150.
I'm surprised a significant amount of flipping is happening with SS. I really didn't feel like the average discount this time around was deep enough to justify flipping. At only 50% off, you'd have to sell for at least 75% of retail to make it worth your while to go through the headache of flipping. Are there really a lot of people who would buy from some unknown eBay seller with likely no return/refund policy in order to save $100 off of a $4-500 sport coat?
The charges for my pants and shoes showed back up on my account on Tuesday. Received the Rancourts yesterday. Hoping to get the pants today. Has anybody else found the Rancourts by Bill's to fit small? I've never had camp mocs before (and certainly not in Buffalo), so I'm just trying to figure out if they're made snug with the expectation that they'll stretch.
So I picked up the Rancourt saddle buffalo penny loafers made for Bill's in my normal 11.5D. This is my first experience with buffalo. Do these stretch considerably? Right out of the box they feel pretty tight across the vamp and just seem a little shorter and more narrow than my other 11.5D's. Before giving them to my brother, who has smaller feet, just wanted to check to see if it's worth trying to break them in. If they'll stretch and mold quite a bit, they could...
In terms of structure, can anyone compare the Hudson to Soho or Havana? Hudson have more or less structure?
As of yesterday, I hadn't received the shoes or shipping confirmation. I checked my account to confirm the amount Bill's charged, and the charge was gone. So, no 75% off Rancourts for me.
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