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I doubt it's fake in the $50 LV purse on Canal Street sense. Much of Hickey Freeman's mainline sportswear is produced overseas, but it's still pretty high quality. The "Hickey" stuff I've seen has a plain white label, and it's all been junk. I'm talking $40 for a sportcoat, and I didn't even think about purchasing--junk. My understanding is that Hickey Freeman used to produce the Hickey line as its more youthful diffusion line, and it was allegedly pretty decent. ...
The pants are fine for your intended use. Most here don't wear black outside of formal events. Polyester will drape more like worsted wool and, therefore, look more business-y than low-end cotton, but it's still polyester. You should avoid polyester as a general rule, so go with 100% cotton.
Are the back measurements taken from the bottom of the collar or the top?
I had to return the suede Strand because it was waaay narrower than the 5th Ave or the Kenilworth. The difference in fit was so significant, it is meaningless to even say the shoe is on the 5 last because that provides no meaningful point of reference.
For what it's worth, based on my limited experience, I'd say they wear differently. My only experience is shell Leeds versus calf Malvern. Shell Leeds in my normal 11.5D was way too big, had to return. Calf Malvern was too tight in the toe box, had to size up to 12D. I believe I read in this thread that this is a common experience: for some odd reason, the 1 last boots fit smaller than the shoes.
SuitSupply head and shoulders above the other two mentioned in your first paragraph. I'd put them above BB as well. Paul Stuart is on another level, both quality- and price-wise.
So you paid $10 for the waist to be let out, the legs to be slimmed, AND for the tailor to somehow lengthen the crotch by 2 inches (something I wasn't even aware is possible)? I presume you're located in a third world country?
Really like these as well. At $488, I would guess these are from their Spanish manufacturer. Pretty sure they use whatever Spanish maker Howard Yount uses for most of their sub-$500 dress shoes. I think they may have some Italian in there, but mostly made in Spain as I recall. So I would assume Bologna stitch construction.
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