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Oh, I just noticed that the site has measurements, so don't worry about it. Thanks.
Looks great to me. I've thinking about a SoHo for a while but have been worried the lapels are too wide based on some of the shots I've seen on here. Yours look fairly conservative though. Would you mind providing the size and BOC length of your jacket?
At $30, CT is not horrible, I guess. I bought 4 about four years ago when CT was the best fitting shirt RTW I could find. I haven't purchased any more since that time because the quality of the shirts is really low, and they only achieve the desired slim fit by adding darts, which you can do yourself or pay about $15 to have done by a tailor to any shirt. The collar points on mine do this weird thing where they curl up a bit even with collar stays. Luxire and Kamakura...
A) Those jumpsuits are amazing. B) These ads have to be at least 35 years old, and the prices seem higher than you'd pay today. I don't shop at Sears, but I gotta assume you can get a suit cheaper than $115 (gets on Sears website). Ok, so $125. Still, barely a difference; plus, in all fairness to today's suit, it's linen versus the polyester in the 70's catalog. The marvels of a global...
This one specifically is Ike Behar that I purchased from a local discount retailer. I'm surprised you're having problems one. Try Sam Hober for a nice one, TieBar for a cheap version.
Got my first order; blue summer oxford cloth and chambray. Very pleased with the fit right out of the box but worried the chest will be too tight if it shrinks significantly. I'll have to see how it fits after a few washes before placing my next order. Very impressed with the value proposition and customer service offered by Luxire.
Why no pics?!
[IMG] For instance, today I'm wearing navy blazer, light blue shirt, navy pin dot tie up top with patterned flannels and suede bit loafers on the bottom. This is not a conservative look, for sure, but does it make me look like a clothing salesman?
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