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Anybody know how the shoes fit? I'm an 11.5 US. The site says 44.5, but some shoe size conversion charts I'm looking at are saying 11.5 US is 45 EU.
Dumb Question as I'm looking at the Dutch outlet site. What is a 40L? The long sizes are in 94-118.
Whoa! Our stats are almost identical, but our proportions must be waaay different. I'm a 40-42R. I need to hit the gym.
I'd advise against going MTM unless you're particularly hard to fit. Nothing against Cad and Dandy, as I have no experience with them. Try off the rack stuff and find a cut you like to begin with. Suit Supply OTR is the obvious choice at about half of what you'll pay for MTM. I doubt the entry level cloth from C&D will be nicer than a decent OTR brand. With MTM, you're paying for the customization, not necessarily the cloth. An SS suit and a pair of Loakes should...
Yeah, I lived through the 80's but wasn't quite paying attention to tailored clothing just yet, so I don't make the same negative association.
X post from waywrn. First time wearing navy donegal db:
Haven't posted here for a while, but no Wife or kid home to bother me, so of course first order of business is to take poor quality bathroom selfies for WAYWRN:
That sucks, man. I had surgery to repair my ACL and meniscus 5 weeks ago (basketball). If you don't have a meniscus repair (often times, they can't salvage it and just shave it off), you can be walking again in something like a week. They attempted to repair mine, so I was on crutches for four weeks. Good luck.
I think they may be sold out. I didn't see it on the website when I checked earlier.
Thanks! It is a size 42r. The fit is pretty trim off the rack so I don't plan on any alterations. Yeah, they included the hanger! My wife thinks I'm a big nerd because I was like, "check out this awesome hanger!"
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