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Graysons fit me perfectly in a 11.5D. Unfortunately, they don't have shell available in that size. Somehow, they have 11.5C and 11.5E. I was tempted to try the C or E just due to the price, but I've found that loafers really have to fit perfectly to be comfortable.
A cobbler can put little plastic or metal "toe taps" on the sole of your shoe at the toe. Google toe taps dress shoe, and you can see what they look like. They keep the shoe from wearing at the toe area of the sole. I've not yet tried them with the bit loafers, so I don't know for sure if they will alleviate the problem with wear on the uppers. My local cobbler only charges $3 or $4 to install them. Worth a shot. The only downside, in my opinion, is that they make a...
I have the same issue with my AE Italian Collection bit loafers/Gucci knockoffs. It's a problem that appears to be inherent in the design, unfortunately. IMO, it is due to (1) the soft leather that bulges outward when the shoe creases, pushing the toe of the shoe slightly closer to the ground when you pick your heel up; and (2) the uber thin soles that don't provide as much of a buffer between the leather upper and the ground. I've noticed this wear pattern on other...
I have the double-breasted Tenero (I think that's the model) in a 42R. Based only on my experience with that one model, I'd say Eidos runs small. Shoulders are 18 inches, length is 29.75 inches. I take a 40R in Brooks Brothers, Belvest, and Hickey Freeman. Other models seem to run a bit larger though, based on some of the measurements I've seen posted in this thread. Measure a sport coat that fits you well and compare to the measurements from this thread.
No. Less than ideal, but sure, if you want to. No. They have frequent sales.
Hey guys, doing an interest check . My brother lives in the Netherlands and said he'd proxy for folks who are interested. The way it would work is you'd just order from the site, put in his mailing address, then he'd ship on to you for shipping cost + $20 or $30. I don't know yet what shipping will be, as I just placed an order last night. Once he gets it and ships, I'll know. PM me if you're interested.
Is this the cotton/linen or wool/linen? I just ordered the wool/linen. Either way, looks great.
Edited to remove question answered by customer service.
Anybody know how the shoes fit? I'm an 11.5 US. The site says 44.5, but some shoe size conversion charts I'm looking at are saying 11.5 US is 45 EU.
Dumb Question as I'm looking at the Dutch outlet site. What is a 40L? The long sizes are in 94-118.
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