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It's a 56L (assuming that it's Italian sizing), so your market is limited right off the bat to fairly large guys. It's a hard three button suit with smallish lapels and pleated trousers, so its styling is fairly outdated (probably made in mid to late 90's). Even if it was with a more common size 38(48) to 44(54), I don't think this suit would hold much appeal for the average SFer. Throw it up on eBay for a hundred bucks or so, and maybe somebody will grab just based on...
I disagree.
I have a few pairs of drivers. Mine also exhibit wear at the toes. It's just a product of how flexible the toe area is compared to a normal dress shoe plus the fact that there's next to nothing separating the "upper" from the ground. With every step, the toe area between the top stitch and the rubber bubbles outwardly, coming into contact with the ground. The traditional bubble/nub soles wear much faster than the less traditional (though more and more common) soles...
Not trying to troll here, as I'm assuming the Everyday Blazer is your thing, but there are plenty of cheap, unstructured blazers out there. Target, JCP, and many other stores stock them at lower price points than this.
It isn't necessarily old stock, though that would probably be preferable. I still see Hickey clothing popping up at discount stores, so I assume it's still being produced, albeit in China presumably to much lower specs than when it was first intro'd. The Hickey stuff I've seen is garbage. That being said, if it fits, and you're happy with what you paid for it, wear it happily.
What's the padding on the shoulders of the sport coats like?
I asked about a return, and the seller has been pretty cool about it. It was a $26 purchase, and he offered a $10 refund or $15 credit. It's not the $16 loss that hurts so much as getting my hopes up for a good deal, only to be undone by my failure to get measurements. And yeah, I'm thinking I'll be avoiding used shirts in the future.
I have only one H. Freeman sport coat (MTM) and have one Hickey Freeman suit, but have handled plenty of Hickey Freeman suits and SCs. Based on my limited experience, I would put Hickey Freeman well above H. Freeman.
Friendly reminder to anyone purchasing used goods off of B&S to always ask for detailed measurements, no matter how low the price is compared to retail. Got (what I thought was) a great deal on a shirt that was tagged as 16/34, but it arrived and--through either tailoring or intentional shrinkage--is more like a 16/32 and completely un-wearable.
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