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^ Looks great on you. Those trousers look way slim for me to pull off, though.
Still a decent selection of sizes available. Anybody have any sizing advice for the Ravenna? I'm 11.5D in Allen Edmonds's Randolph and Grayson loafers. Looks like the Ravenna is on the most generous J. Fitz last, so would I be safe if I ordered 10.5 UK?
Can anyone comment on the fit of the suit trousers? I have a pretty good idea of how the jackets fit me from my one visit to the store, but only tried on the Havana trousers, and they were way too tight. Leg opening measurements on the suit trousers look to generally be 8.1 to 8.3 inches for a size 42(52), which doesn't tell me much except that they are on the slim side of what I'm used to. Does the fit of the trousers correspond to the sizing of the sizing hierarchy of...
Would absolutely subscribe to that thread.
I bought a v-neck a few years back in a large, and I found the fit to be big. I usually wear a 40-42 jacket (5'11, 195 lbs), and I wish I'd have gone with a M. Quality is pretty good; great for the price. I particularly like the thickness; I think his sweaters are perfect in terms of being thin enough to be slightly dressy without being so paper thin as to show every wrinkle in your undershirt (as most merino sweaters I've tried do). If you want a slimmer fit, you...
I don't understand all of the hate for the Madison on mrtopcat. I tried one on and thought the lapels were too wide for my taste, at least for use as a business suit, and I'm nearly 200 lbs. point being that the lapels are a statement on any body type. If he is going for a Tom Ford look, the Madison looks great on him. It wouldn't be a good business suit by US standards on anyone.
I unsubscribed from all of those sites a long time ago (Rue La La, Gilt, MyHabit, etc.). Product descriptions always sucked, wonky return policies, slow shipping, and poor customer service. Most of all, the discounts generally just weren't that great. I've had far better results with Yoox.
I doubt it's fake in the $50 LV purse on Canal Street sense. Much of Hickey Freeman's mainline sportswear is produced overseas, but it's still pretty high quality. The "Hickey" stuff I've seen has a plain white label, and it's all been junk. I'm talking $40 for a sportcoat, and I didn't even think about purchasing--junk. My understanding is that Hickey Freeman used to produce the Hickey line as its more youthful diffusion line, and it was allegedly pretty decent. ...
The pants are fine for your intended use. Most here don't wear black outside of formal events. Polyester will drape more like worsted wool and, therefore, look more business-y than low-end cotton, but it's still polyester. You should avoid polyester as a general rule, so go with 100% cotton.
Are the back measurements taken from the bottom of the collar or the top?
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