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not an expert at all, but the boots I bought (and returned cause of fit) from STP were super nice. Really soft but solid leather and they even smelt great. Sad my feet were too wide.
read 3sixteens return policy. i would vote against simply for the reason that you can't return it. also i ordered the levi/filson which i ended returning since the shoulders were not quite wide enough for me to move comfortably even after sizing up (i have fairly wide shoulders) and I must say its pretty sweet. It is really solid as in stiff and thick, which might be too much for some. It will last forever and the color should develop and gain some character. The...
be nice if you put up some measurements for the shirts, especially PS and W v G
# 13 sold! seller very quick to respond to questions, much appreciated
if your worried about it, just go for a walk or something. That way you are not stressing your body, but not sedentary either
measurements on orange BOO please?
one problem the hood is very small on mine - i can't use it. a bummer, but i prob wouldn't anyway
i would usually wear a 40 jacket and I jave a 38 and it works well. It has some extra room in the torso but is not huge for this style. It is good cause I can wear a sweater and move well it. If it was smaller, unless perfectly tailored to me, i would not be able to move as well. It is very well made. look at the many positive reviews. I suggested this brand because (not having ever tried on a gloverall) it seems very similar. Both classic made in england duffle coats....
you talking about a duffle? if so I have one - i like
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