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if you'r interested see if she wants to go out wednesday. cause, why not?
I have a few pairs of D1's and it sounds like we have the exact same situation. I found the only spot they are really slim on me is the seat and thighs. 34 is a bit tight there, so I have 36 (most pants of mine are 33) and the fit is good in the seat and a bit big in the waist and I use a belt them and call that that. really they are straight legs, but I can't do slim fit for work. I teach little kids so really should not show off too much. I also sit on the floor a lot...
I have a question about leather color and its evolution. It seems like the appeal of natural leather is how it changes color and darkens. What does this mean in regards to colored leathers. Will they stay as they are or will they evolve as well? It would be interesting to see how some of these browns/mahogany/etc colors change over time if in fact they do. Also can you put somewhere here or on the website or flickr an overview of the color options. I have seen many, but...
great purchase from thinksimple . fast arrival and responsive to questions.
looks like quoddy's are available in widths and in 12.5. so i can get a 12.5 E. haven't tried either but looks like I don't really get to chose any suggestions for other quality boat shoes available in wide
not an expert at all, but the boots I bought (and returned cause of fit) from STP were super nice. Really soft but solid leather and they even smelt great. Sad my feet were too wide.
read 3sixteens return policy. i would vote against simply for the reason that you can't return it. also i ordered the levi/filson which i ended returning since the shoulders were not quite wide enough for me to move comfortably even after sizing up (i have fairly wide shoulders) and I must say its pretty sweet. It is really solid as in stiff and thick, which might be too much for some. It will last forever and the color should develop and gain some character. The...
be nice if you put up some measurements for the shirts, especially PS and W v G
# 13 sold! seller very quick to respond to questions, much appreciated
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