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most raw denim seems to come in at least a 35. looking for quality under 200? 3sixteen, epaulet, naked and famous to name a few. others here can help you more than i can. also there is a short denim question thread this should be in
that's about how they fit me though when I tried them on in manhattan cause of my ba-dunk-a-dunk unless i sized up and take in the waist. But between this option and the rudy you should be able to get a good fit even if the walts are snug in your size. Anyway ordered the hoyt jeans and a red/cream japanese madras short sleeve. excited for both.
thanks. That will hopefully do it. love everything else about the jeans, just need a little more room there.
got a pair of size 36 beatle busters recently at se ny and have questions about fit. I think the jeans look really good and are fine for walking around if maybe a little tight. When I sit down though they feel tight in the things. As in there is no room in the upper thigh. I have worn them maybe 2-3 days since sunday and they have stretched a little. They look good, but as a pair of jeans I expect to live in for years I need to feel comfortable in them. Any idea how much...
any new short sleeve button ups coming out for spring/summer? Tried on medium in store last weekend. killer fit waiting to see what to pull trigger on.
saw you posted a picture of a bracelet @4 months. looks great. don't really like the natural color new but loves how it changes. will probably order one. . . and a belt ... and a wallet. does the stitching on the belt/bracelet change color over time? curious how that will look alongside the aged leather. Also I want a very slim wallet, yet I also want it to hold at least 3 cards and have a spot for cash. I'm thinking that would be a billfold with 2 card slots on each...
wool is the original hiking material. warm, hardy and good in the elements. I have a button up pendleton with a slim fit in a nice plaid i wear hiking that is functional and stylish. That with a form fitting poly/wool/whatever underlayer is probably all you will need hiking unless its below 45/50. throw on a vest wool hat and light gloves if its colder. bring a hardy sweater and decent looking rain coat for when its colder/wet and your good for anything other than winter.
Jet- Don't think they are a sponsor. I got a pm from the founder of oak street under username oakstreetbookmakers. He only had 10 posts. So I think he is aware of this thread, but not trying to openly avertise here, which seems fair to me. Anyway George from oak street was nice and helpful.
I got a pm from oak street saying they do in fact do widths. so correction. I don't see it in their sizing options on the web site though so maybe you need to ask.
thanks for the reply! i'll prob be ordering at least something soon. is this about what we can expect your bracelet and other natural leather to look like over time? cause this looks awesome http://3sixteen.com/_blog/2009/05/12/well-aged/
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