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I'd say these are the most ornate and likely to be noticed of their offerings. I like them a lot nd they would be ones i would consider getting if the fit was on.... not that I have any experience with dress shoes
bump for a good seller! received the rag and bone shirt today. quick shipment and great condition. happy with shirt.
Quote: Originally Posted by ataru RRL and Unis are 2 brands that make great solid tees that hold up well. Neither is cheap though. what's the fit like on unis?
501 and 505 are both straight i think. 514 if you want slim but not tight
no they are not. They are relics from the days when atms were not as common as today and people feared carrying 1000's of dollars. you have to pay for them right? and who really wants to accept a travellers check. I sure as hell wouldn't want to. Don't think banks screw you on the exchange rate. im sure you can look it up Quote: Originally Posted by af1snaikboi Are AMEX traveler's checks the best way to bring money overseas? (To Paris) My...
most raw denim seems to come in at least a 35. looking for quality under 200? 3sixteen, epaulet, naked and famous to name a few. others here can help you more than i can. also there is a short denim question thread this should be in
that's about how they fit me though when I tried them on in manhattan cause of my ba-dunk-a-dunk unless i sized up and take in the waist. But between this option and the rudy you should be able to get a good fit even if the walts are snug in your size. Anyway ordered the hoyt jeans and a red/cream japanese madras short sleeve. excited for both.
thanks. That will hopefully do it. love everything else about the jeans, just need a little more room there.
got a pair of size 36 beatle busters recently at se ny and have questions about fit. I think the jeans look really good and are fine for walking around if maybe a little tight. When I sit down though they feel tight in the things. As in there is no room in the upper thigh. I have worn them maybe 2-3 days since sunday and they have stretched a little. They look good, but as a pair of jeans I expect to live in for years I need to feel comfortable in them. Any idea how much...
any new short sleeve button ups coming out for spring/summer? Tried on medium in store last weekend. killer fit waiting to see what to pull trigger on.
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