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Quote: Originally Posted by commodorewheeler The thighs will stretch out some, but not as much as the waist. If they are really tight now, they'll probably always be at least a little bit tight there. Personally, if you can stand to have a looser-looking leg when you stand up, I would probably go with the 634S in your situation. If I gave up the beatle busters I would want a somewhat smaller waist, a comprable hips/seat/rise, and slightly...
The CP's are sold! I have them, but they are too narrow and I am reselling them. PM if you want them. I will make a listing soon. fast shipping from smokestack given the distance
Quote: Originally Posted by itsjustadrian I bought 2 shirts last year and they shrunk so much. It's like wearing belly shirts. $80 down the drain. was it the wash or the dryer that did it. I have no problem hang drying. the only place I see that has a full supply of colors/sizes available is orvis- but they seem to have taken the liberty of charging 4$ more a piece. Not much but annoying when everyone else charges the same.
bump for good communication. would have bought 1 if in an E width
Zissou - can you repost pictures I can't see them and i'm guessing others can't... fucking imageshack want an untanned belt to go with new iron hearts just can't decide who to get it from. these look great though.
if you want that style you might want to check out the bonobos web site. they have some striped ribbon and leather belts that are more colorful and have a excellent shipping/return policy
also orvis has them. anyone know if they have the newer slim fit or the older fit? if its the new fit i'd want large if its the old fit then don't think i'd want any size. they do have the colors i want and lots of sizes
Quote: Originally Posted by S-Town Oakleaf and Acorn, and Unionmade Goods both have quite a few colors. I have 4 of the tees, all from Unionmade. Oakleaf and Acorn actually has some tees that they list as the "II" version. I guess this was their second version, and from what I undertand, are slimmer and longer. The ones I have are fairly short, and sorta boxy. The fabric is really cool though, and the colors are pretty vivid. thanks...
anyone have advice on best place to buy these from in terms of available stock and shipping and such. I want the red and olive. love the colors texture looks good. seems like these have gotten longer and slimmer...true? Should I size up even if I want a slim fit? I'm an AA medium in there jersey tee.
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