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those ARE nice!
like the vest
In india ... maybe. in the US i see absolutely no reason to do this.
seriously! why buy nice pants if your waist isn't where you want it? also come summer a fit guy with no shirt/cheap t/tank top trumps a not fit guy regardless
nancy boy stuff is quality across the board. use and love face wash and moisturizer. soap is great, really smooth and bars last a long time. styling cream is great it gives hold, texture, and some shine and actually feels good for my hair (none of that stiff crunchy gel). don't really shave (use electric) but the cream is great for when i do. shampoo and conditioner seems good, but not sure if worth the premium. note "nancy boy" is a company i'm not refering to gay men's...
with the price drop and discount the super expensive flannel/waterproof iron hearts are down to $450 in other words just a bit above what i paid for IH beatle busters with tax. kind of tempting. they would be amazing for walking around/sledding/hiking during the winter, but would be a pain in the ass if i had to go inside into an overheated building. curious what the stretch is like in these. how does it compare to the busters/634s
when are the new short sleeves coming out? I got my golden/grape japanese madras and am waiting for warmer weather. any chance of non-button down collars in the future. would much much much prefer a point collar that i could wear spread out with the top button un-done.
[quote=kungapa;4286089]Sure - the slice joints in NYC are better than most cities. Most cities don't even have anything that comes close to Two Boots. But to say they are a similar experience is to do places like DiFara a disservice - Dom DeMarco makes a pie far and above anything Famous Ray's or Two Boots ever put out. -completely agree with this. some places really do stand out. but doesn't mean that the other places are bad in any way. I grew up in park slope...
i think so. that's the deal with raw jeans - rigid wash and raw aren't quite the same though
epaulet and self edge are right next to eachother on orchard street. it's like the world is trying to make me go broke
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