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with the price drop and discount the super expensive flannel/waterproof iron hearts are down to $450 in other words just a bit above what i paid for IH beatle busters with tax. kind of tempting. they would be amazing for walking around/sledding/hiking during the winter, but would be a pain in the ass if i had to go inside into an overheated building. curious what the stretch is like in these. how does it compare to the busters/634s
when are the new short sleeves coming out? I got my golden/grape japanese madras and am waiting for warmer weather. any chance of non-button down collars in the future. would much much much prefer a point collar that i could wear spread out with the top button un-done.
[quote=kungapa;4286089]Sure - the slice joints in NYC are better than most cities. Most cities don't even have anything that comes close to Two Boots. But to say they are a similar experience is to do places like DiFara a disservice - Dom DeMarco makes a pie far and above anything Famous Ray's or Two Boots ever put out. -completely agree with this. some places really do stand out. but doesn't mean that the other places are bad in any way. I grew up in park slope...
i think so. that's the deal with raw jeans - rigid wash and raw aren't quite the same though
epaulet and self edge are right next to eachother on orchard street. it's like the world is trying to make me go broke
nonsense. almost all the pizza in new york is good. yes there are special places that use better ingredients and are really exceptional but the basic slice of cheese sets the standard. it's not fine dining, but local, cheap, dirty pizzerias are a new york classic for good reason.
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 so? does that mean he shouldnt buy them? yes... that's probably what it means. maybe he's rich though. to be fair though i did spend $400 on jeans recently, but I will have them a looong time (iron hearts)
Quote: Originally Posted by jaychiz Any decent pizza by the slice in town? is this a real question? in NY? pretty much all the pizza is good. I really don't think you need to plan cheap food in new york. There are so many places in the right neighborhoods, just wander and do not even consider taking a map out until you need to go home. you find things without trying. someone asked why gray's papaya is a big deal. -it's really cheap...
kit- i think its 12.1 - 12.4 based on my experienced. my busters have stretched out i think at least .5 inches total in maybe 10 full days of wear with lots of intentional stretching and have now become wearable. confortable most of the time and a little snug for certain things ... biking, kneeling, but have improved so much in comfort since i got them. a bit big in the waist. not ideal, but fine with a belt. perfect pretty much except for the top 2 inches of the pants so...
sold to me
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