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Bonobos makes some good polos. I bought one this fall after it went on sale for something like 25$. returned cause i decided the color didn't work, but the fit was really good. slim with decent length and material felt nice
also its bike friendly, and the weather allows it most of the time. That's how i'd get around if i lived there
portland is awesome. some bonuses are great scenery and outdoor activities nearby. awesome beer and cheaper than many other "hip" cities
happy birthday or something sucky like that
summer, with boat shoes or low key sneakers, yea sure. Personally more likely to just roll up cuffs a coupld extra times though
those ARE nice!
like the vest
In india ... maybe. in the US i see absolutely no reason to do this.
seriously! why buy nice pants if your waist isn't where you want it? also come summer a fit guy with no shirt/cheap t/tank top trumps a not fit guy regardless
nancy boy stuff is quality across the board. use and love face wash and moisturizer. soap is great, really smooth and bars last a long time. styling cream is great it gives hold, texture, and some shine and actually feels good for my hair (none of that stiff crunchy gel). don't really shave (use electric) but the cream is great for when i do. shampoo and conditioner seems good, but not sure if worth the premium. note "nancy boy" is a company i'm not refering to gay men's...
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