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Just got sugarcane shirt. Fast shipment, good stuff, fair prices.
Drop it like it hot!
^^^^ sweet shirt! kinda dulled down by sweater, i really wish i could see more of it. epaulet i assume. bold socks, i probably wouldn't do but its cool
Price drop on BoO and Rag and Bone!
BoO and Rag and Bone size large added!
Gone for the summer! pm me if interested I will be able to respond, but won't have access to these so I can't send anything till the fall. Final drops for now. I am out of town for the summer next weekend. If your interested buy these very soon. Will not be any adjustments to price or chance to buy until next fall. 1. Flathead Burnt Duke -42 retail $230 http://www.selfedge.com/shop/index.p...roducts_id=518 worn about 5 times $160- 150 -140 - 130shipped in US This...
thanks, just wanted to check. Russel is a good thought. Would like for this summer though, but the thought of something really customized for sizing is great. I sent george a pm about sizing. I'll probably go with oak street if it sounds like it will work.
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 you should be okay in yuketen e widths in most styles. oak street has a wider heel option as well but you might need to confirm that with them. quoddy makes several widths but you will most likely have to order from them and that can take anywhere from 2 - 6 months. "a wider heel option"? not want i'm looking for. i want a wide foot without a particularly wide heel. just wanted to clarify that. how...
haven't tried any of the 3 but looking to make a purchase very soon. Thinking of going with oak street cause of relatively better pricing and positive reviews of quality. Question: what would you recommend for someone with a wide foot but without a really wide heel. As in i need an E for the middle and balls of my feet but don't want the heel to be too loose.
^^^ you mean $95 right? read the rules
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