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Gone for the summer! pm me if interested I will be able to respond, but won't have access to these so I can't send anything till the fall. Final drops for now. I am out of town for the summer next weekend. If your interested buy these very soon. Will not be any adjustments to price or chance to buy until next fall. 1. Flathead Burnt Duke -42 retail $230 http://www.selfedge.com/shop/index.p...roducts_id=518 worn about 5 times $160- 150 -140 - 130shipped in US This...
thanks, just wanted to check. Russel is a good thought. Would like for this summer though, but the thought of something really customized for sizing is great. I sent george a pm about sizing. I'll probably go with oak street if it sounds like it will work.
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 you should be okay in yuketen e widths in most styles. oak street has a wider heel option as well but you might need to confirm that with them. quoddy makes several widths but you will most likely have to order from them and that can take anywhere from 2 - 6 months. "a wider heel option"? not want i'm looking for. i want a wide foot without a particularly wide heel. just wanted to clarify that. how...
haven't tried any of the 3 but looking to make a purchase very soon. Thinking of going with oak street cause of relatively better pricing and positive reviews of quality. Question: what would you recommend for someone with a wide foot but without a really wide heel. As in i need an E for the middle and balls of my feet but don't want the heel to be too loose.
^^^ you mean $95 right? read the rules
those dimensions are about the same as mine. i have a 34 or so waist and maybe 39 chest and would describe myself as average for my height (slim by american standards). If I were in great shape my waist would be smaller and chest bigger and I might weight the same with less fat and more muscle. The tee I would want would be slim as would the tee I want now, the difference is I would want taper, as in a smaller waist than chest So I think the OP wants shirts that are slim...
Quote: Originally Posted by kiya Streetwear kids love anything tan and poorly made in the US, don't disappoint them. I agree that tan and made in US is the trend. Also agree that people view made in US as a sign of quality which may be false. Are you suggestion that all the made in US belts that people talk about here are crap. Do we really need to buy 200$ belts from self edge. I don't doubt the quality, my Iron heart jeans and flathead...
is this for real? love it! definitely will stand out. probably won't get the job but at least they might be hooked and want to know more instead of being bored before they even finish
^^^ felt the cloth in store. seemed pretty warm to me. Definitely not summer, but should be fine this time of year, most of the time
yup, and I think I might make that one more cranberry madras. Love the colors and pattern. Not sure about the bright white, would probably prefer a more subdued cream, but love everything else, and the fit of these is superb for me
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