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you could also just start by drinking bourbon. solid bourbon can be had for $30 a bottle. woodford would be a good choice. If you don't actually have a taste for the scotch yet, why spend the money?
is this 4 yrs worn most days? or do you wear other pairs?
How many times have people worn their raw denim before they ditch them? interested in taking the plunge, but its expensive. But $300 jeans are totally justifiable if I am going to wear them 1000 times.
no, that shirt looks good on you. it is just a tad looser than the RLPL in the pictures. my concern would be about mobility and comfort. It looks great but are you able to move your arms around without it pulling across your chest?
I like the scarf, but with a solid jacket. too busy
^^^ those look really nice I think. don't know any thing about the quality. you could maybe ask the manufacturer for measurements of the leg opening. ... anyone have a thought on this http://www.bluefly.com/Monarchy-oliv...903/detail.fly or experience with monarchy (quality wise and fit wise. I am a medium in some brands but heard they don't run as big) I'm looking for a midweight stylish yet at least somewhat classic jacket to use for days when the real winter...
Dockers 40%
check out the sneaker thread. I just ordered these http://www.zappos.com/onitsuka-tiger...a-white-orange they come in lots of different colors and these http://www.zappos.com/geox-u-snake-4...-suede-leather
any specific brands people would recomend? I want something quite slim but not skin tight, so jeggings are out. casual, yet respectable, khakis and chinos are mostly what I am looking for.
haven't tried those yet. seriously though.
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