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^^^ those look really nice I think. don't know any thing about the quality. you could maybe ask the manufacturer for measurements of the leg opening. ... anyone have a thought on this or experience with monarchy (quality wise and fit wise. I am a medium in some brands but heard they don't run as big) I'm looking for a midweight stylish yet at least somewhat classic jacket to use for days when the real winter...
Dockers 40%
check out the sneaker thread. I just ordered these they come in lots of different colors and these
any specific brands people would recomend? I want something quite slim but not skin tight, so jeggings are out. casual, yet respectable, khakis and chinos are mostly what I am looking for.
haven't tried those yet. seriously though.
I'll start by stating a concern of my own which is that the pinwale cords i have, while still fitting me pretty well have stretched out too much and are now somewhat baggy. In addition, while fantastically thin and light they are not very durable. Is this a problem with stretch in general? I want pants that move with me, but do not lose their form
Does anyone have any experience with and recommendations for pants with stretch? I am in the continuous search for slim fit trousers and in my experience some of the pants that look the best while standing up prove to be to tight while sitting or prevent my legs from having a full range of motion. pants with stretch present a possible solution for this. Pants that fit snuggly while still letting our bodies move. Does anyone have any experience with pants that stretch? What...
really the only way the 40$ price is justified is in entertainment value. a big omelette is a waste since you could simply use a lot of chicken eggs. I would go to a potluck and offer to bring deviled egg. everyone will think you are making a gramatical mistake until low and behold you produce a single deviled egg and blow them away. what did you do with it by the way?
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