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Final drops for now. I am out of town for the summer next weekend. If your interested buy these very soon. Will not be any adjustments to price or chance to buy until next fall.
Added dockers extra slim stretch sateen size 36X32 and Margiela cardigan
final drop on rag and bone!
price drops!
second Nancy Boy! great products all around. Buy a 3 pack + 15% savings and its a pretty good deal too. Stuff just feels so smooth
I like to think of the red U as like a pocket square that picks up the hues of the similarly colored highlighted bars throughout the page.
Drops! will add pictures of flathead, but looks just like on self edge.
9 too big 8 too small yea 8.5 makes sense. or 8 E if the only problem with the 8 was its width
flathead added!
bump for great seller. just got samurai's. great price and fast shipment
New Posts  All Forums: