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I like to think of the red U as like a pocket square that picks up the hues of the similarly colored highlighted bars throughout the page.
Drops! will add pictures of flathead, but looks just like on self edge.
9 too big 8 too small yea 8.5 makes sense. or 8 E if the only problem with the 8 was its width
flathead added!
bump for great seller. just got samurai's. great price and fast shipment
Just got sugarcane shirt. Fast shipment, good stuff, fair prices.
Drop it like it hot!
^^^^ sweet shirt! kinda dulled down by sweater, i really wish i could see more of it. epaulet i assume. bold socks, i probably wouldn't do but its cool
Price drop on BoO and Rag and Bone!
BoO and Rag and Bone size large added!
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